Forbidden Choices (A Hogwarts Love Story)

Name: Jaya Annabell Smith (Riddle)
Age:Same as blaise's
Hair Color:Black and voluminous and curly
Eye Color:Red
Other:Tongue,Eyebrow and Nose Piercings

So this girl has Death Eater parents and thats why shes in Slytherin but shes nice but she deosnt know her parents only these few things, her last name is the last name of the founder of the Orphanage which she lives in since like i said before she does not know her parents.

Chapter 1

My life

by: MelMalfoy
"Oh Blaise" before you ask that is ''not'' me im in the library in the restricted section were i usually spent my time having spent so much time in the invisibility section that i was now here everyday. The voice came from a few shelves over which wasnt really out of place here in the library what with us being crazy 13 year olds Blaise got alot of chicks at this time and his favorite places were the restricted section of the library and the astronomy tower. "Dont stop dont stop" came the voice again this whole time many books had been falling but noone seemed to notice except for me but i simply rolled my eyes somehow every time i was here blaise got some here. I might be making it sound like im some know it all but im not actually im the female equivilance of Blaise Zabini. I was thought to be really pretty and i got alot of boys to like me so i had my pick of who i wanted to date. I walked out of the restricted section and started looking for a gullible Ravenclaw to do my Charms homework. I saw him sitting in a chair at the back of the library so i undid my tie and undid the top buttns o my shirt then i walked over to him. "Hi Chuck" i said when i reached him runnning my fingers over his shoulders as i moved to sit infront of him "h-hi jaya" he said "oh please call me jay" i said with a smile on my face "oh ok Jay" he said with a nervous smile. "Something told me youd be the best to help me with my Charms" i said "w-well it is my best subject" he said "oh i dont doubt that" i said running my hand over his "see though i dont have time right now and its due tomorrow so i was wondering if you know" i said running my hand over his arm "ill do it if you want me to" he said "oh i couldnt posibly ask you to do that" "ofcourse you do id be happy to" he said. Just then Blaise passed by he slipped a note under my palm as he passed i read it quickly "here it is hand it back to me tomorrow" i said and handed chuck my homework "thanks buck see ya" i said standing up "it its chuck actually" he said "whatever" i replied rolling my eyes. I walked to my common room then i went to my dorm and took of my blue eye contacts then i put my pj's on and went to bed. I know it was early but i had a round of midnight heaven ahead

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