The Tales of Gryffindor Common Room

This is about the different things that go on in the Common Room. The many stories told. The games played. And the rumors spread. It's basically Gryffindor Secrets Revealed.
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Chapter 1

Hufflepuff Haunting

"Did you know that the Hufflepuff common room is suppose to be haunted?" Alexandria asked the first years sitting around the fire. She loved scary stories and giving the first years a fright is always fun.
"there's ghost everywhere" one girl said.
"Yeahm but those are nice ghost. I'm talking about a mean ghost. Worse than Peeve's. Except he cant leave the Hufflepuff common room."
"Really?" she asked.
"yeah, its a good thing you're in Gryffindor." she said, "Do you want to hear the story?"
They all nodded their heads.
"So a few years ago there was this young Hufflepuff boy. He was a first year. Anyways he decided to go explore the castle after hours. His first stop was the kitchen where he filled up on sweets. He then walked out to the forbidden forest and took a stroll under the moon. He basically walked around in his own world until he got tired and went back to his room. When he said the password to get in though, he wasn't the only person that entered. Someone had come in with him. They quickly put a silencing charm on the Hufflepuff where he couldnt speak. The man was dressed in all black so you couldn't see what he looked hike. He took a few valuables before turning on the Hufflepuff, who was trying to make his way to his room. The man pulled out a knife and started walking toward the Hufflepuff, who was halfway to his room. But with a flick of his wand the man had brought the Hufflepuff back to him. And then raising his knife…"
"He got him!" Fred yelled springing up behind me making me jump.
"Fred! What's your problem? You just ruined my story." i yelled.
"And scared the heck out of you too didn't i?" he laughed, "Don't worry" he told the first years, "The story's not real, she just likes scaring people. Candy?" he said holding out what i reconized to be Canary Creams.
"Oh no," i said taking them from him.
"Awww come on love. You ruined all the fun," he groaned.
"Says the person who ruined my story."
"Fair enough," he said kissing me.

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