An American Witch at Hogwarts

This takes place during the age of the Mauraders. Hope you guys like it.

*Spoiler Alert*Note: This is not completely accurate. Unfortunately, Bellatrix Lestrange didn't attend Hogwarts at the same time as the Marauders. It's my bad, and I hope you guys will forgive me for that.

Chapter 2

Transfiguration and Werewolves

The next morning, I made my way down to the Great Hall for breakfast with Lily Evans, a sixth year girl who shared the dormitory. She seemed sweet and gave Potter and Black crap, so we were well on our way to becoming friends.

"Hey, Conant," Sirius called.

"Hey, Remus," I said, ignoring Sirius. "Peter, James."

"Are you forgetting someone?" Lily asked.

I scrunched up my face like I was thinking. "Nope." I shook my head.

"Very funny, Conant," Sirius said.

"Oh, you meant him? Hi, Black."

"Did I do something to offend you?"

"No, but all the girls in the school, Lily and myself excluded, seem to fall over themselves to look at you. So, I'm really keeping your ego in check."

"So you're doing me a favor?"


We sat down and I helped myself to eggs and tea. When I saw Severus enter, I lifted a hand in greeting. Lily glanced over to where he was standing and made a face.

"You know Severus Snape?" she asked.

"Snivellus? Where?" James asked. I smacked the back of his head. "Ouch. What was that for?"

I ignored him and answered Lily's question. "I met him last night. Dumbledore's making him show me around."

"Whose punishment was that?" Sirius asked.


Peter snorted and Remus covered his mouth to hid his grin. James shook his head. Sirius just looked seriously offended.

"His punishment is hanging out with the gorgeous foreign exchange student? How is that fair?"

"Fair to whom?" McGongall asked.

"Fair to Severus," I said. "He's saddled with me until I know my way around."

"Perhaps it will be good for him," she said, handing me a piece of parchment. "This is Mr. Snape's class schedule. You'll be sharing it with him. I can't wait to see you in class."

After McGonagall was out of earshot, Sirius leaned over and said, "Did she just smile?"

"I do believe she did," Remus said.

"What did you do to deserve a smile?" Sirius asked.

"I told her one of your jokes."

Remus snorted his pumpkin juice and Lily giggled. Peter looked lost. Sirius was still puzzling out what I meant when Severus approached the Gryffindor table.

"Hey, Sev," I greeted.

"Luci. Are you ready?"

"When you are. I've just got to grab my bag out of the dorm."

Sirius raised an eyebrow and glared at Severus. Lily avoided his gaze all together. Sev just nodded.


"See you guys later," I said, allowing Remus to help me stand up.

As we left the Great Hall, I knew everyone was watching the new girl from Salem and the Slytherin leave togther. Severus kept quiet all the way up to Gryffindor Tower.

"Wait here," I said at the bottom of the stairs.


I ran up the stairs and whispered, "Muggleborn," to the Fat Lady.

She swung open and I bolted inside. I grabbed my bag from where it set and rushed back to where Severus was waiting.

"So, where to first?"

"Well, we have a free period, and I promised Slughorn that I would help him set up for his first class."

"Okay, lead the way."

Severus shook his head and lead the way down to the dungeons. He stopped outside one and knocked.

"Severus, dear boy," someone called. "Come in."

"I brought someone," Sev said.

I glanced around the stone room. My eyes became fixed on Slughorn. The first impression I got was of a large walrus in green velvet. His hair was thinning and through the smoke and fumes rising from the cauldrons around the room, he looked a bit odd.

"You must be Lucinda Conant. Albus mentioned you last night. Would have thought you were Rowena Ravenclaw the way he carried on," Slughorn said. "How are you at Potions?"

"Fair. It was my favorite calss at the Institute, aside from Transfiguration," I replied honsetly.

"Have you ever made a Draught of Peace?"

"In my first year."

"Well, I have a second year class next period and I need one whipped up from them to have a look at. Severus, would you and Miss Conant make it?"

"Of course."

I went over to the supply cabinet and pulled out the supplies. When I set them on the worktable, Sev raised an eyebrow."

"You didn't even glance at the book."

"I've done it a hundred times."


"Not 'wow'. Just went through it every year since I was eight. When you make a potion that many times, you start to memorize it."

Twenty minutes later, Slughorn came over and glanced into the cauldron. "My God, girl. You should have been in Slytherin!"

"Yeah, I'm getting that feeling, too," I muttered.

"Excellent work. Why, you're better than Severus!"

"Not neccasarily, sir," I said. "I've just had more practice at making that particular potion. And Sev did help."

"Nonsense. I know a natural when I see one. Severus, why don't you bring her around for dinner?"

"Of course, sir. But for now, we need to be going. We've got Transfiguration next."

"Look for my owl. Now, go on. You wouldn't want to be late for McGonagall's class. She'd have all of our skins."

Sev led the way up to the Transfiguration corridor. As we made turns into hidden staircases and behind tapestries, I silently wished I had a map. Once there, I spotted a girls bathroom a few feet from the classroom.

"Do we have time for me to go, really quick?" I asked.

He looked uncomfortable, but nodded. I smiled quickly and ran to the bathroom. As soon as I pushed open the door, I let out a scream. Floating behind it was Peeves, who must have been a distant relative of Sirius's in life.

"Get out," I snapped, drawing my wand.

"Won't do nothing if you don't say please!" he cackled.

A flick of my wand and a flash of light later, Peeves was bound in ropes, hanging upside down from a torch bracket across the hall. I heard someone let out a low whistle and whipped around, to see Sirius hold his hands up, as if surrendering.

"That was impressive magic, Conant. Not many people could do that to Peeves."

"You're next if you don't leave me alone," I snapped, turning and going into the bathroom.

Sev was waiting for me when I was finished. A little farther up the corridor, Sirius stood with James, glaring at the two of us.

"What did Black want?" he demanded.

"Put your arm around my shoulder," I said. "I don't want to become Bloody Black's next conquest."

Sev did as I asked and together, we walked towards McGonagall's classroom.

"He complimented my spellwork. At which point I threatened to do to him what I did to Peeves."

"What spell was that, by the way?"

"I really don't remember."

"You don't remember which advanced defense spell you used against the school poltergiest?"

"Nope. It's an American thing."

Professor McGonagall stepped out of her classroom, ushering a herd of first year Ravenclaws and Slytherins into the corridor. As the last one trailed out, her eyes found Peeves, still struggling to free himself from my magical ropes.

"Would that be your work, Miss Conant?" she asked.

"That was Luci, alright," Sev chimed in, sounds very proud.

I smiled and shrugged. "I warned him about getting in my way."

"Oh, Lucinda, Professor Dumbledore mentioned that you are a registered Animagus. Would you consider showing this class that bit of magic? I could do it, but they might find it more facsinating if a student did it."

"What, you mean this class? As in the sixth years?"

"Yes. Not many, if any students your age could manage to become Animagi, let alone fourteen year olds."

"Oh, Professor Dumbledore shared that bit of the story?" So much for keeping it to myself.

"Why shouldn't he? You are a very gifted witch."

"So I've been told."

Sev and I went into the classroom and took seats near the front. Lily came in right behind us, waved at me, then sank into a seat near the door. Remus was next to arrive, looking slightly winded, but smiling. He sat behind me, to Sev's obvious chargin.

"Are you ready?" I asked, turning around in my seat.

He nodded. "I just hope Sirius doesn't do something rash."

"Like what?"

Sirius stormed into the classroom, knocking over several desks, and plopped into the seat behind Remus, putting his feet on the desk. James entered a second later. I rolled my eyes at the pair of them and righted the desks with a wave of my wand.

"What an idiot!" I said, loud enough for Black to hear me. Sev nodded.

McGonagall closed the door bejind a few more students and strode to the front of the room. I stood and leaned against a bookshelf. The class instantly quieted as she turned to face them.

"Well, I'm impressed that so many of you achieved the required OWL score to continue as NEWT students in Transfiguration. This," she guestured to me," is Lucinda Conant, an American exchange student. She had agreed to help me demonstrate the most advanced bit of Transfiguration a witch or wizard can preform: becoming an Animagus. You're all wondering what I'm babbling about, so I'll let her show you."

McGonagall stood aside and allowed me to step in front of the class. Suddenly nervous, I took a deep breath and let my body change. It's always an odd sensation, changing, but it allows a certain freedom. The oddest thing about being a golden retriever is being colorblind. After a few minutes, I changed back and sat down next to Sev, my head down, trying to ignore the stares from the rest of the class.

The last class of the day was History of Magic. Normally, I would have been fascinated, but word had spread like wild fire about my "amazing ablilities." Worse yet, Sev had gotten sick at lunch, so I was left without him. The ghost pointed the way, though, so I made it to class.

I entered the classroom, dreading the stares and whispers. One friendly face was Remus, who sat alone at the back of the class. I waved and went to sit next to him.

"Good to know there's someone else who doesn't think I'm a freak," I said.

"Why would I think you're a freak? Don't tell anyone, but I'm a werewolf." He looked like he wanted to snatch the words back as soon as they left his mouth.

"Oh, Remus," I murmered, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. I'll be alright. It'll get better, I hope. Now you know my terrible secret."

"Can I share a secret with you?"

"Of course."

"I would rather be in Slytherin." When I saw the look of shock on his face, I quickly continued, "Don't get me wrong, you and Lily are sweethearts, but I don't really fit in with the Gryffindors. I'm an intellectual, a pureblood, though I hate it when people get hung up on blood status, and my idea of bravery is ignoring a rule because it's stupid and unfair."

Understanding dawned in his eyes. "Sirius is getting to you already, isn't he? I think it took Lily a week to threaten to kill him, our first year."

"Black is part of it," I admitted. "Everyone's complimenting me on my skill, and Dumbledore's gone around telling all the professors I'm some sort of genius. I feel so out of place."

"That's why you don't mind me or Severus," he said as the ghost professor began his lecture. "We're outsiders, too, in a way, and you can relate to that."

"Sev is severely misunderstood. He tries, he really does, but between Potter and Black, he doesn't stand a chance. When it comes to you, I liked you instantly. You're intelligent and, despite your furry problem, you are incredibly gentle."

He laughed quietly. "You sound like James. He calls it my 'furry little problem' in company. Everyone in Gryffindor thinks I've got a misbehaving rabbit."

I smiled and enjoyed a brief moment of acceptance with Remus.

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