The Best Stories You'll Ever Read.... EVER

These are some of my favorite stories to read on quibblo!!!!! I'm totally recommending them to you guys! Hope you end up reading at least one of them if you're not already! :)

Chapter 2

More Favorites: May 7th, 2011

Inspiring Stories

- Bullied To Death ~ Based on a True Story ~ Written by kewlgirls
~ Wonderful beginning. It only has one chapter but I'm already excited. xD

- Silence Written by avidwriter054
~ Unique story about a deaf girl and her struggle. Beautiful beginning as well :)


- Scarlet Red Atop Her Head Written by ShalomSmolik.
~ The rhyming made it even more enjoyable but the way she talked about snatching her up. Lovely. Muahhhh :)

NOTE: There are not a lot of stories and poems for this entry because I have just gotten back... I have not been reading a lot of stories lately. If you want me to put you in the next chapter post a link to one of your stories or poems :)

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