The Best Stories You'll Ever Read.... EVER

These are some of my favorite stories to read on quibblo!!!!! I'm totally recommending them to you guys! Hope you end up reading at least one of them if you're not already! :)

Chapter 1



~ Town Forget - written by spiderfairiie.
- I'm the only reader of this story currently... or the only commenter. What the hell is that? This girl has got some serious talent! I can actually picture whatever it is I'm reading. I get so into it I don't hear my brother's voice! (That takes some skill people!)

~ Bloody Mary - written by CriminalLover.
-Great story with inspiring storytelling skills xD

~ Dear Iris - written by BusinessCorgi
-Historical story that just blows my mind! xD

~ Little Red - written by TheGame_YouJustLostIt
- Classic and completely! :)

~ Dance Your Way To My Heart -written by Potatoes12 and xXxluvhimxXx
- The best twist of Justin Beiber i've read...EVER. It's awesome how they make him the bad guy! xP

~ Memories - written by Cherry_Ninja
- Emotionally moving! I love reading it! xD

~ Are You The One For Me? { A Jacob Black and Seth Clearwater Story }
- I can't even explain this one... Just... Damn. lol
Written by: xXxluvhimxXx

~ In the Shadow Of My Heart (Ghost Story) - Written by Violet_Moonlight
- So moving... and not because she uses my nickname! xD

~ The Beast Within Him - Written by ImmaBlastDatMusicLoud
- I loved the feel of the character I read about... and although it's only two chapters It's a great start and I"m loving it! :)


These are some of my favorites! I probably left out a few xP But that's alright! Maybe I'll make another chapter!

Hope you have time to read some of them stories up there! ^^^^ THEY ARE AWESOME xD

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