the real game

create a rap slash story with any pairing

Chapter 1

the real moron (eminem/ bruno mars)

by: babyshady
On the steps of the Alcove county courthouse, marshall and bruno mathers where waiting to get endited for academic dishonesty. Bruno looked at his older new husband and said: "Why in the hell did we do this?". Mad, marshall just picked up a large stone, threw it into the judges car window and the alarm went off: "Because we were hella stupid and damn you needed the money." Bruno sat on the steps and cried: "Who in the hell puts serial killer letters on the teachers lockers saying 'I am gonna rat you out if you dont give me ya paycheck." marshall cried too:"Baby boy I dont know but damn I'll go to the ends of the earth to find out."

In the courtroom:

"Marshall and bruno mathers, you are charged with 110 counts of plagerism and academic dishonesty. and marshall mathers, you are charged with breaking a judges car window."

"what in the hell! that was broken! I cant go to jail!" and he went to the judges ear and whispered to him: "i know im gay but I don't wanna know what happens when you drop the soap! and I cant get stabbed again! i have a husband and a mortgage to pay! Bruno would be ruined!"

bruno sat there and said "Damn I'd blow my brains out if I had to live without my baby shady." the whole courtroom erupted in a group "awwwwww ew!"

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