Quibblo Choice Awards Winners (Extremely Important!)

Here is the moment you have all been waiting for... The Winners! Please comment, rate, and comment. Remember, all winners need a thank you speech ;).

Chapter 1


To start, I would like to thank every body involved: every one who had nominated, every one who had voted out of the nominations, every one who became nominated and every one who will win. Without all of you, I wouldn't have been able to do this!
Winners: If you want to do your 'Thank You' speech, please just leave it in the comments.
Readers: I would like to thank you guys so much! Please scroll down to the comments and read through them if you have the time, there could be some important comments there. Also, I reccomend these stories to you, and you are all amazing writers! Also, do you think I should delete the previous Nomination and Voting quizzes, or leave them there permanently?

Best Sequal: Heiress of Slytherin; CuPpYcAkEs898 (Two Nominations and 48% of Votes)

Best Author: Just_A_Writer (Two Nominations and 24% of Votes)

Best Vampire Story: It's Complicated; carllee_twilightOCD (44% of Votes)

Best Werewolf Story: My Boyfriend Howls At The Moon, But He's Just Doing What Wolves Do (A Jacob Black Love Story); shortylund111477 (42% of Votes)

Best Draco Malfoy Story: Love Lost In Forbidden Valley; Kikicandy12 (30% of Votes)

Best Twilight Story: Romeo:My Hero ( A Jacob Black Love Story ); Twilightfanatic10109 (37% of Votes)

Best Love Story: It's Complicated (A Damon Salvatore Love Story); carllee_twilightOCD (23% of Votes)

Best Fantasy Story: The Dreaming World ~A Fantasy Story~; 45cookiedough (19% of Votes)

Best Profile Page: The Dreaming World ~A Fantasy Story~: 45cookiedough (56% of Votes)

Best Username: Emmatrix_Less_Strange (76% of Votes)

Best Anime Story: Sand Kills In Silence But So Does A Uchiha{A Gaara/Sasuke Love Story}; missmalfoy2 (52% of Votes)

Best Justin Bieber Story: Fireworks; potatoes12 (61% of Votes)

Best Story: Another Fred Weasley Love Story; weasleygirl523 (56% of Votes)

Best Group Story: HARRY FREAKING POTTER; icecream2397 (45% of Votes)

Best Harry Potter Story (For This Category, There Is A Tie. The Winners Are):
The Girl Who Lived . . . Wait, What?!; CuPpYcAkEs898 (26% of Votes)
The Real Story Of Cedric Diggory; CharmingPotion (26% of Votes)

Best Real Life Genre Story: A Girls Story; TeamAlbusSeverusPotter (37% of Votes)

Best Horror Story: You're Mine; Just_A_Writer

Best Paranormal Story: The Deadly Sevenne Twins; Emmatrix_Less_Strange

Once again I'd like to thank every one for participating, and congratulate everyone who won.
(For those who didn't win, I didn't win either so, we're cool! :P)
(For those who weren't nominated, you guys have amazing talent and I hope you become very successful!)

Also, please let me know if your username wasn't incorperated into the group story.

Forever Yours,


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