This is one of my independant stories not related to anything here or anywhere else. just me thinking up a plot

Chapter 1


“I heard his mom kept him upstairs in their attic all his life so he never learned to talk.”
“Talking ‘bout the new kid?”
“Yeah, I heard that he only had one pair of clothes for every two years.”
“Oh yeah? Well I heard he’s just stupid and never knew anything.”
I could hear the rumors flying as I cowered in the cushioned chair. My legs bent into my chest and my hands clenched around them, the usual way I sat. They were all wrong, my parents were long gone before I knew them, I knew how to talk, just never talked to other people, I used to live with my Aunt and Uncle. They were okay people, I mean they didn’t neglect me, like the other kids thought, I slept in the basement, on a bed not the floor, and I had clothes and food. They weren‘t especially nice or loving, they yelled at me a lot, and I didn’t trust them. It wasn’t just my Aunt and Uncle that I didn’t like, it was my older cousins, two girls and three boys. They terrorized me, I was only two when I came to live with them, they swarmed me as soon as their parents went out. They were poking me and prodding me, pulling and shoving, and when their parents came home I would just be crying, they acted as if nothing happened. One time when this happened the oldest one twisted my arm so far it sprained… I don’t like people touching my arms. I fought with them a lot, they usually ended up beating me anyways but not without kicking me and punching me a few times. The kids at school weren‘t any better, they teased me and fought with me a few times too, I didn’t trust anyone anymore. After five years of that you could imagine that I would not talk to people, or at all for that matter, and was afraid when anyone came over to me. My aunt and Uncle no longer wanted to take care of me, so one day they dropped me off at social services and left.
I sat outside a little office with a mahogany plate engraved with gold lettering that read “Mr. and Mrs. Ferges”, in a burgundy chair while my social worker was talking with the people whose names were on the sign. I could hear them faintly too.
“Well Coby isn’t exactly the most social child, he is very frightened.”
“Yes we understand that.” The voice was cold and unforgiving, I shrank away from it into the opposite corner of the chair.
“Oh! Don’t touch his arms, something happened in the past. He is still very unstable.” That was Miss. Rose. She was the nicest lady I ever met, but she underestimates me.
“I’m sure we will be able to avoid that” This was a mans voice it was soft but firm, I could tell he just wanted Miss. Rose to leave already. I don't think I liked him either. As the were talking I could feel children staring at me through the blurred glass, like a chocolate bar in the candy store window. I sat there cowering like a caged dog.
"Just wait till Noah finds out" one snickered.
I turned as Miss. Rose came out of the office. She bent down to my level and looked me in the eyes. I looked back at her over my knees.
"Coby I want you to behave here. Try to make some friends." She said patting my knee twice, I tensed up but not as much as I normally would. I mean, this was Miss. Rose not my cousins. She sighed when I only nodded and kissed me on the top of my head. "Be good Coby."
With that she started walking away I got up to follow her, I didn't want to be here, but a hand grabbed my shoulder holding me back. Instantly I shrunk away from it almost falling to the floor and covered my head with my arms. It was the man. He looked down at me as if he was the one who got frightened. He knelt down to my level, and I got a good look at him. He had gray hair, and I mean gray not white, that only grew on the sides making the top of his head bald. He wore big glasses that looked pretty weird, his eyes were a dull brown, his nose was big, and he had a small strip of a mustache stretching to the ends of his nose. He was looking into my eyes that gazed at him over my knees, I had retreated into my regular position, he seemed to be asking himself why? He continued with this for a few minutes till even I became uncomfortable with his stare.
“Get up boy. There’s no need to sit on the ground” he said standing up, it wasn’t a harsh tone he used it sounded like he was just reminding me. I scrambled to do as he told me and stood up my legs shaking He walked me into the office, and I glanced up at the walls nervously, I was only seven anyways, strange places scared anyone and only made it worse for me.
“Now this is Coby, I presume?” It was that ice cold voice that talked to Miss. Rose. I nearly jumped falling back into Mr. Ferges. Who I assume was Mrs. Ferges had an ugly carrot orange hair that went down to her cheeks and stuck out about three inches on each side, making half a circle across her head, she wore a dark pink lipstick that conflicted with the tacky blue eye shadow, her nose was long and narrow with a mole on the left side, her mouth was twisted into a solemn line as if she ordered it to stay there, and her eyes were a disgusting green that had flecks of brown in it.
“Yeah.” Mr. Ferges replied gesturing for me to sit down in one of the chairs. I did and quickly tucked my knees into my chest, this had become automatic.
“Get your feet off the chair!” She barked at me scaring me half to death. I slid my feet off feeling very vulnerable now. “Now. Why were you sent here?”
I stared back blankly, I didn’t know, I didn’t speak, because I just don’t. I could tell she was getting annoyed. “His social worker mentioned he didn’t speak.” Mr. Ferges said breaking the silence.
She just glared down at me “Very well then, I might as well explain the rules.” she said tapping on the desk with her long bright red nails. That made me nervous too, the tap, tap, tapping of her long ugly nails. “For one we don’t tolerate any fighting of any kind, that includes if you were only included in the fight, two we have roll call before bed and before breakfast if you are late for roll call consequences will be made, three we have a strict lockdown policy at night, you are not allowed out of your room and there are guards posted outside of the doorway, four you have three pairs of clothes that we provide, two casual one formal, if you get them dirty before the set number of two days are up there will be consequences, you are to wear your formal clothes to dinner every Sunday night. Lastly if you are to break any of these rules you will lose all privileges, including food, social time, and recreation activities. Do I make myself clear Coby?”
I nodded slowly afraid to move, I’m naturally terrified, this was nothing new.
“Good.” she nodded to Mr. Ferges who had me stand up and took me out of the office.
He didn’t really now how to guide me anywhere since he knew I was deathly afraid of being touched. He basically had me follow him telling me what was what, I could hear about twenty quiet footsteps behind us on the other side of the wall. He finally showed me into a small room a bed in one corner, a small bureau, and a closet.
“This is your room Coby. You can’t put anything up on the walls, you must clean it every Friday, and you can use the bureau and closet for anything else.”
I looked up and nodded showing him that I understood.
“When your done settling in go back to the office and go into the first room on your left.” He then walked out leaving me alone.
I looked around and looked in the closet, what I assumed were my formal clothes hung up on a hanger. In the bureau were two pairs of casual clothes. I wondered if Miss. Rose would have pajamas for me tomorrow. She said she’d be back to give me anything I need. I guess I’ll just wear these clothes tonight. I didn’t have anything to put away so I just went down the office and took the first door on the left, like Mr. Ferges said.
When I closed the door twenty pairs of eyes stared back at me, I froze. They were all older than me by at least a year, some looked at me in wonder, others glared, they made me nervous. I heard them whisper to each other short sentences.
“Is he gonna say something?”
“He cant, remember!”
“Someone go up to him!”
“I’m not going!”
“You go.”
Finally a younger boy stepped forward, he had brown hair that laid flat on his head, it was short, he had blue eyes, and freckles on his cheeks, he wore a navy and white striped shirt and jeans. He might have been a year older than me, maybe two.
“Jack.” He said holding out his hand. I just stared down at it the looked back up at him. The others laughed, it was all very awkward. “Okay then.” Jack said slowly putting his hand back by his side.
Another boy much older maybe fifteen came forward and pushed Jack back into the crowd of boys. “Give him some room guys.” The others quickly obliged and went back to whatever they were doing before I had walked in. I hadn’t moved from the door and stared up at him. “Don’t be so nervous kid. You got a name?” He talked with a gentle tone kind of like a big brother.
I nodded yes slowly, I didn’t know what to make of him, whether I could tell him my name or not wasn’t a possibility it was whether I ran out of the room at top speed or waited. He reminded me too much of my cousins.
“Well, can you speak?” He knelt down by me. “If it helps I’m Lucas, call me Luke.”
“Coby” I barely breathed, this made him smile.
“So he speaks? It isn’t so bad here, don’t be nervous. Just watch out for Noah, your sure to meet him later…” His voice trailed off. I nodded and he stood up. “Well bye Coby.”
Before anyone could notice I was alone again I made a beeline for a couch in the corner. Sitting down on it I started shaking, I wished Miss. Rose would take me somewhere else. I had buried my head between my knees, but in a few seconds I felt someone on the side of me.
“Hey, hey new kid. Hey, what’s wrong?” I remembered that voice, it was Jack again.
I didn’t respond but I looked up at him.
“Something wrong?” He said edging closer.
I backed away.
“So, you don’t talk, I thought it was just a rumor.” He looked down at his hands that were in his lap then back up at me. He was about to say something when the giant grandfather clock chimed six o’clock. “Dinner, c’mon I’ll show you around, first we gotta get our formal clothes on.”
Talk about being saved by the bell. I went back to my room following the crowd of boys scarcely able to breath around so many people. I fumbled to get my clothes on to get a seat at the dinner table. I sat by Jack and Lucas, I guess I trusted them more than anyone else. Everyone was talking to their neighbor adding to the crazy tumult of sound, it frightened me. Then everything got quiet, deathly quiet.
“Noah!” was whispered desperately throughout the room. When a door opened.
All of the whispers were silenced, I thought they were bringing out the food, of course I was wrong. This tall, muscular, threatening kid had walked into the room, surveying the table, and took a seat that was most likely his. No one dared to sit near it. He cast glares at the younger boys across the table and they almost fell out of their chairs, he smirked. Everything was still silent. Lucas took a glance at me, as if a warning to not move, like that was a problem. He was wearing, like us the formal clothes the home demanded, but his seemed so much more intimidating on him. His hair was dark brown almost to the point of black, it was cut short so only a fuzz covered his head, his eyes were menacing, and his mouth was either in a twisted smile, or a hard solemn line. He was big, maybe seventeen, most likely the oldest, how else would he command this much fear, if Lucas were older I’m sure he wouldn’t let this guy terrorize everyone.

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