Two Become one ! A Sirius Black Love story .

Chapter 1

Introduction (:

by: Nicola1
Name : Hailie Mer ( pronunciation the same as Hayley , but I wanted her name to be specific )
Age : 16 ( in my 6th year at Hogwarts )
House : Gryffindor
Animagus :Yes white Fox except the very end of my tale it's blue ( the fox on the pic , except the tail which is as i said blue ( the tip of the tail )) , I changed together with the marauders when we found out about Remus.
Physical appereance : Black hair with blue highlights , average hight and really skinny , really pretty .
Personality : Tomboyish , but girly at special occasions
Friends : Marauders and my room-mates named Aurora and Julie but I mostly hang around with the marauders.
Hobbys : Quiddich ( I am the only girl in the 4 teams and I am the first girl to get into the Quidditch team )
I also have weird power , I can control the water but only Dumbledore and the marauders know about that.

My History :

I was muggle-born and my parents abandoned me after they found out that I am a witch and I lived with James Potter family since then.

How me and James became friends with Sirius and Remus :

" HAILIE !!! " shouted James at me
" I'm coming " I said walking towards him " It's not like I'm going to get lost."
" What if you would , I would loose my best friend " He smiled
" Poor you " I laughed
" Lets go inside the train "
" Yeah . "
We went inside the train but we did not find any empty space we only found one that there was a boy inside.
" Hi can we sit here ? " I asked
" It would be a honor to sit beside such a beautiful girl."
" Thanks " I giggled and James went inside too
" Oh sorry , I didn't know she's your girlfriend " Said the boy
" No , she's only my best friend " Said James
" Ohh , I'm Sirius by the way " He said
" I'm James "
" I'm Hailie "
We were talking but soon another boy came .
" Hi I'm Remus , can I sit here ? " He smiled
" Yeah sure " I said , he sat in front of me and James , beside Sirius.
" I'm James and this is Hailie " he said pointing to me " And that's Sirius " he said pointing at Sirius. Since then we were inseparable . And another boy named Peter became their friend but I did not really trusted him , I knew hes a bit weird.

---- Its the intro to my stories , hope you like them ---


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