So You Think?!?!? (seth clearwater love storey) (girls only)

OK i only ask for 2 comments ill make one every day if i get at less two just to let you know i might make A LOT of chapters cuz i never run out of ideas :D

Chapter 2


Out comes a wolf then runs back in the forest and out comes a guy " DID YOU SEE THE WOLF!" I say "who`s the girl " says the dude. " Sam this is Alex i found her in the woods" . The girl who looked like she wanted to kill me i found out her name was Leah. Seth had a crazy idea of going swimming at the beach but i said " i don`t have a swim suit" Sam said " Leah or Emily might have one". I asked Emily first she had on bikinis witch i said was fine i put my shorts and shirt over the bikini ( ). I ran to the beach . Everybody was already there i took the shirt and pants off and hoped in. Finally when it turned dark i got out surprisingly wasn't pruned. Emily and Sam came back with the food why me and Paul went to get the drinks . Why we were at the house Paul came up behind me and squeezed my butt. When i jumped up. He catched me when i landed. He said " Alex i like you" why sitting me on the counter on long enough to kiss me before i slapped him for squeezing my butt. I felt him try to undo my top but i kneed him were it hurt! He pulled away and yelped " that hurt"! I ran in to someone....... I NEED IDEAS MESSAGE ME FOR IDEAS and 2 comments!

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