So You Think?!?!? (seth clearwater love storey) (girls only)

OK i only ask for 2 comments ill make one every day if i get at less two just to let you know i might make A LOT of chapters cuz i never run out of ideas :D

Chapter 1

chapter 2

Out comes the most hottest guy that could live. " Why are you here in the middle of the night"? He ask "i um left my house i couldn't take living there one more day." " Ok well you know you shouldn't be in the woods alone?" " Oh why"? I ask " animals you know that kinda stuff why are you in the woods any way?" " my car ran out of gas so i wanted to walk so i came here tell i got lost". "Well im Seth and may i ask what your name is"? " Alexandria but you can call me Alex" all of a sudden he started to look at me wired you wouldn't know how to explain it. " Well do you want to come with me maybe" Seth ask "oh well ok" i say with doubt in my voice i don't know if i should trust him or not but i have a wired felling in me. As we walk we come upon a little house in the woods. Out come from the house guys maybe 21`s or so. All tan and 1 girl that is looking at me like she want to kill me. All the guys are talking some are just smiling at me and nodding not paying one bit attention to what the others are doing. All of a sudden there is rustle in the bush i turn and look at the direction it came. When out comes........................................... Ok ill post a longer one tomorrow if i get maybe 3 comments i might only go for 2 comments cuz not many read this ....... Also say who want to come out voulotrie or a wolf ( maybe Jacob?) NOT JACOB BLACK LOVE STORY!

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