100 things to do at wal-mart.

100 really fun things to do at wal-mart, try these they are supper funny.

partail credit geos to: http://www.absolute-playstation.com/playstation-network/jokes-trivia-entertainment/25410-100-things-do-wal-mart.html

Chapter 3

10 things to do at petco/petsmart

1. Go to where they keep stuff for extra large dogs and put on a harness and a leash, then go to the nearest bench and tie yourself up.

2. Ask for a job application and under special skills write "bite by snake, I bite back"

3. Go to the place where they keep stuff for tea cup dogs, get a leash and collar, then go to snakes and attach leash to collar then throw it in a cage and scream that the snake at your dog.

4. get a water bowl and tell a employee "My dogs tongue is 2.78 inches, I measured it, and i was wondering will his tongue hit the bottom of the bowl?"

5. Wear sake skin boots, purse, or whatever and go up to snakes and scream this was your mother!!!

6. Pretend to eat from bag of bird seed and offer some to any other people who may be around.

7. Go to where they groom the dogs and when they bring one out to his/her owner scream "omg, its so ugly!!!" continue out the door saying "I would hate to have to carry around a dog with that horrible hair style" laugh when they rage and run away.

8. Put a dog bowl on your head, a dog sweater on your body, a leash attached from the back of your pants, and a snake snare in your hand. run dow the isles screaming "we got a code 99, large snake lose, and i need back up!"

9. Get a bottle of ketchup go to the cat isle and smear it on the ground for about 15 feet, then lay down at the end of the trail and say "i thought i saw a putty cat" over and over again

10. Dance and sing in front of the dogs and see if you can make em bark.

I would not advise doing these thing because you may get arrested so if you do these things and get kicked out dont blame me!

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