100 things to do at wal-mart.

100 really fun things to do at wal-mart, try these they are supper funny.

partail credit geos to: http://www.absolute-playstation.com/playstation-network/jokes-trivia-entertainment/25410-100-things-do-wal-mart.html

Chapter 2

10 things to do at McDonalds

1. Ask for a whopper.

2. Pee in the sink, in the bathroom.

3. If you are grown, get on the jungle gym.

4. If you arenot grown, crawl under the tables yelling " I can't find my vile of toxic waste!"

5. Jump up and down when the lady behind the counter says we dont have onion rings.

6. Pee in a food tray.

7. Yell, the chicken shall live anytime someone orders a chicken sandwhich.

8. Jump on the table and shove a hambuger down you pants.

9. Hang on the signs.

10. Ask the cashier for white milk, then when you get it yell "Why, oh why god did you have to take away all the chocolate" while crying then just see what happens.

Tell me if you want anymore funnythings to do in weird places.

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