So You Think?!?!? (seth clearwater love storey) (girls only)

Name: Alexandria Sniderton ( Snid-er -ton)
Nick Name: Alex
Eye Color: light blue
Age: 16
Height: 5`1
Weight: 75 pounds
Hair Color: White Blond
Family: Step Dad (will)30 Step Brother (mike) 17, Mom died a year ago
Fave Color: Black and neon green
Best Friends: Summer 17, Dylan 16 and a half
Birthday: October 23
Lives: La push Washington
Gets beat and u know by Step dad and Step bro and wills friends
Season: summer (begging)

Chapter 1


I got pushed to the wall by will again as I think oh great hes drunk AGAIN! He starts to put his hand up my shirt i start to beg " Will please don`t i am still sore from last night" i say. " Shh it will be lovely" will says. " No it wont let me GO" i say as i struggle to get away from him " STOP YOU IGNORANT GIRL" he says as he slaps me i hold my face in pain. Why he goes and gets something he comes back with cuffs. He grabs me and drags me to the bed. He cuffs me to the bed why he says " ill be right back don`t go any where" he laughs as he walks out. When he comes back i see he has brought mike and tape as they pull all my clothes off. And tape my legs down to the bed and you know the rest. Later that night they are asleep beside you you decide to nudge mike so you do he groans "what" " unhand cuff me please" you say flirty to get him to by it and let you go. " Ok but promise me something" mike says "what" you say flirty again. "You have to kiss me" mike says. I groan " fine" "not any little kiss instead you have to make out with me " he says grinning " HELL NO" i scream " fine then" hey says and starts to leave "WAIT" he turns around "OK ill do it". When we are done making out and me gagging he leaves to go to sleep in his room. I start to grab my stuff quietly and quickly. ( making sure not to wake will) . You run and grad wills keys to the mustang convertible (black of course). You drive tell there is no gas. You see a forest you grabbed you bag you needed a walk. As your walking you hear a rustle you begin to get scared hello whose there. Out from the bush comes......... COMMENT FOR MORE I WANT 3 FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!!!


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