Kiss Me Goodbye (Please ages 14+ some manner may be not suitable for kids)

Kiss Me Goodbye (Please ages 14+ some manner may be not suitable for kids)

Summer break has let out and 16 year old Amy is not enjoying it. She had to move to Florida,Amy had noticed something weird about the teenagers around here. What will happen to Amy? What will she experience?

Chapter 1

Meeting Rosco...

by: TechNerd
Amy stood before her new home, it was slightly bigger than there old home up in Canada. It was also hotter, they had moved down to Florida. Her father's job called for it, he worked for a soda company that had just launched. They started to spread and as it did, it caused them to move around. Her father was lead of the company so he had to manage all of it, so if a new one opened a new house they moved too. Amy walked across the dead grass and placed a palm onto the brick wall, it was rough and warm. She let her arms fall and looked up to the sky, placing a hand to shield out the sun. It was so hot down here, it was like an oven and they were the cookies. Slowly baking them into a golden brown crisp, she looked as her father's movers moved the last boxes into the house. Amy was upset she had to leave behind all of her friends and family, she felt the pain ach up her chest. She glanced down at the brown grass and at her school shoes, they next in her field of vision was a puppy. It was a young black and white puppy and it yapped at her. She blinked, who's dog was this?
"Come back here!" A voice yelled out and shortly after a young girl ran over, picking the dog up she pointed to it's nose.
"Bad doggy!" She said and the puppy licked her finger wagging it's tail, the girl had short bright red hair. She work baggy skater pants and a white tank top, skate shoes as well. Amy could tell she put way too much perfume on, why did she smell like a man? Her thought were broken.
"Sorry, he is new to the family. I am Rosco." She extended her hand to Amy and she blinked and extended her hand. They shook hands;
"Oh, yes it is alright no trouble really. I am Amy." Amy then gave a small yelp as Rosco's grip tightened and she yanked back. Rosco chuckled deeply as she stroked the puppy's head;
"I am sorry, I am heavy handed badly." Amy could feel Roscos's gaze upon her and she did not like it, Rosco examined the girl and a smirk grew along her face. She knew what this girl was indeed;
"I have to go, I hope to talk to you again later." Rosco said breaking off into a run back toward where she had came. Amy stood there with the mental picture Rosco gave her, perhaps she was a skater? Amy studied the girl in the safety of her mind, she examined her until her mother screamed.
"Amy, stop thinking and come help your mother!" Amy perked up and jogged onto the porch and into the house.
"I am coming!" Amy said before turning to take a last glance of where her and Rosco stood talking. She felt watched, but she was sure she was just being paranoid. She entered the house and clicked the lock of the door. Making sure it was locked before she proceeded to find where her mother was at. Amy's nose curled at the smell of fresh paint, it was strong! She couldn't breath, why hadn't her mother opened a window? Amy narrowed her eyes at the glare given from the wooden floors. The sun beamed brightly in, it was the setting sun as well.
"Amy I need you help quick!" She screamed out and Amy ran into the living room her mother stood there with a paint brush in hand. She had begun painting days before her and her father arrived, she gotten here a day before them.
"Get down onto the floor quickly!" Amy's mother cried out and Amy did so, she stood there like a dog on all fours confused. She waited for her mother to tell her what would happen next, before she knew it her mother stepped onto her back and they both came crashing to the floor. The paint bucket fell over onto the floor, blue paint trickled onto the beautiful wooden floors.
"Amy!" Her mother cried out in between laughs, she rubbed where the paint brush touched her face. Laving a blue strip across her cheek. "I was trying to reach the top!" She said standing up and Amy stood up angry.
"You could of warned me first! You nearly broke my back women!" Amy's hands were covered in blue paint from the pool that surrounded them. Her mother smiled warmly at her, Amy's mother was truly beautiful. She had long brown hair that stopped at the middle of her back and he face was nearly wrinkle free. She had such beautiful skin and the brightest green eyes, she kissed Amy's forehead and turned and walked into the kitchen. Leaving Amy in the living room, where she turned and looked out the large bay windows. She peered around and just across the street at a stop sign she saw Rosco, she stood there talking with two young men. One with brown hair and the other blond, they looked like they were arguing. Roscos slapped the brown haired male and he rubbed his cheek, he looked shy. Amy was suddenly curious as to why this was happening. Rosco pulled out small tubes of red liquid and handed them to the brown haired male. The boy tucked them safely away into the pocket of his pants, he patted them for safety reasons. Just as Amy leaned a bit closer to the window the blond haired male shot a glare at her. Directly at her! As if he knew she was watching, Amy dropped down below the windowsill and she held her breath, her heart was racing and her palms were sweaty. She raised her head and just as she dared to look over the rim to see if they were there they were gone. She sighed a sigh of relief and she stood up, turning around she saw the male. She went to scream but his hand was shoved over her mouth, he pushed her back against the wall and stared at her deep into her green eyes. Amy was shaking, in fear of her life. How did he get into her home? Why hadn't she heard him? Who was this guy? He stared for what seemed like forever, Amy took note that his eyes were a brown color. As the sun hit them they had a hint of red, it looked like red. He let his mouth fall close to her ear, just at the crook of her neck. She felt him take a long sniff of her hair, or maybe it was her ear. She could not tell, next thing she knew his tongue was trailing from her shoulder to her cheek. She wiggled and was disgusted that he would do such a thing! This was no polite, no not at all. She narrowed her eyes into a glare and he whispered, just ever so sweetly.
"What you have seen was nothing, nothing a human should ever see. Do not tell a soul of I will be forced to kill you!" He exclaimed in a deep whisper, Amy's legs grew weak. Her stomach turned and she just knew she was going to vomit. She closed her eyes to fight tears and just as she did his presence was gone. Leaving only the light scent of his cologne he left behind, Amy dropped down the wall and hugged her knees. She fought the tears, what just happened? She couldn't think straight!
"Amy, come help me again will you!" Her mother's sweet voice rang out and she then realized she was not alone in the house. She got to her feet and dashed into the kitchen, her heart still racing she could barely stand. She had been scared to death, this was too tiring for her.
"W-what do you need help with?" She asked and her mother dropped the curtain she needed help with, she rushed to Amy's side and placed a hand to her daughter's face.
"Oh you look so pale! Are you alright?" She asked waving a hand in the air.
"It isn't the paint smell is it?" She asked Amy and she watched as she shook her head.
"No, I just saw a spider." Amy lied as she placed a hand to her chest as her heart beat slowed. She gave her mother a fake smile and her mother laughed.
"A spider! You are not normally afraid of them, I raised you not to be!" She cried out crossing her arms over her chest.
"It was a big spider mom." She said rubbing at her arm and her mother continued to chuckle.
"Must of been a really big one to scare you this pale." She said as she walked back over to the floor where she dropped the curtains."
"Yeah, it was a really huge one.. "Amy trailed off as she leaned against the counter and slid down it, resting her back onto it. The sun's rays were a beautiful orange and they shined the last rays of the day, it would be night soon. Could she even sleep? What if that boy comes back? Shouldn't she just tell her mother? She hugged her knees tightly and shoved her face into them.
"Mom.." She whispered lowly out loud, and her mother paused.
"What is it?" She asked as she dusted her hands off looking down at Amy.
"Where is Dad?" Amy asked lifting her head to look up at her with soft green eyes, her mother's warm smile came across her face again.
"He went to the company to go get some paper work straight, he may be home tomorrow if he does have to pull a night shift or something." She said as she continued to hang up another curtain. Amy hugged her legs even tighter, they now tingled from the lack of circulation.

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