Dreams come true or are they? (Hogwarts Love Story)

Ok so im writing this 4 one of my friends Katy. The first character is me and will be the main one and the second is hers. This story is going to be alot of POV's.
Name:Victoria Beth Tyler
Age:Same as harry's
Hair Color:Long Brown Hair with puffy bangs
Eye Color:Chocolaty Brown
Other:Nose Piercing

Name:Kimberly Ann Tyler
Age:Same as Harry's
Hair Color:Red
Eye Color:Yellow
Other:Im not making her like the actual Katy that much

Chapter 1

A new life

by: MelMalfoy
My Cousin Kim who i call Kimberly to annoy her (like me and katy i call her katherine) shes english from england and when my parents died i went to live with her and her older sister since her dad had left the family when she was little and her mom had left a couple years back i was a huge harry potter fan and so was she harry potter wasnt famous in England so i sent her The books. Anyway one day a really tall dude like a dumbledore wanna be came to her door and i opened it "yo Albus" i said "i realize you like harry potter ms but i asure you i am Dumbledore" he said "prove it" i said hand on my hip. He took out a long stick and waved it and my plant turned on fire "KIMBERLY!!!!!!!" i yelled about to faint she came rushing down"what?" she asked "catch me" i said and fell back. "Dumbledroe this dude fire plant" i managed to say "wait how do i know that wasnt a mini fire thrower" i said standing back up he waved his wand and the plant got soaked "c-come in" kim said and dragged me to the couch "h-how that um" she said. "Let me explain this completely" Dumbledore said sitting down "J.K Rowling is a phsychic much more advanced that Trelawny and she wrote those books from her visions and some creativity so its not completely true" he said "now it is Harry's first year and you two have been accepted to hogwarts" he pointed to us. Me and her literally fainted i fell on the floor painfully and a few minutes later we woke up "we were accepted!!!" i shrieked and dumbledore nodded with a smile "kim slap me!" i said and she slapped me hard "I am definetly awake" i said. "No effing way so theres a draco?!" i asked he nodded "and a fred weasley?!" Kim asked and he nodded again "Yay yay yay yay yay" me and her said jumping up and down "i expect you know how to get everywhere?" dumbledore asked and we nodded "but we dont have any wizarding money!" i realized "you come from a long line of pure bloods but theyve been squibs untill you but your family is rich" he said "so were pure bloods?" i asked. "As far as we know yes" dumbledore said and me and kim high fived i hugged dumbledore tightly "you must understand girls you must now tell anyone about this knowledge you have about the future help when you can but dont tell people all that you know or else we could all get in trouble" dumbledroe said and we nodded. Dumbledore got up to leave "when are we going to diagon alley and we dont have the key" i said "as it has been i took the liberty of taking some money out for you" he said and handed me a bag full of wizarding money "you will go tomorrow" he said and then he turned to leave Kim hugged him from behind "so your really going to die?" she asked "alas yes" he said then he left.

The next day we went to Diagon Alley alone. When we were there i went to go get books and she went to get new pets for us. I was looking around at all the books at the store when i saw a family of red heads wich could be none other that the weasley's i decided to leave them be. I paid for the needed school books then when i was getting out of the store percy weasley passed me and a second later i and my books were engulfed in water. I looked up and saw the twins standing infront of me with a towel "s-sorry we we ment to throw it at perce" George said with his hand behind his neck for a second i was surprised to see them then i started yelling. "Y-"YOU IDIOTS WHY WOULD YOU EVEN BE THROWING WATER AROUND IN A BOOKSTORE LOOK AT MY BOOKS ALL WET I BARELY BOUGHT THEM LOOK AT ME IM COMPLETELY SOAKED THESE ARE NEW ALL STARS" i yelled at the top of my voice and they looked frightened i picked my books up then i ran out of the store.
Soon we got our wands (pictured) (if only one is up its Victoria's and Kim's will be up on next chapter) then our uniforms.

A few weeks later it was time to go to Hogwarts kim's sister Elizabeth dropped us off at king's cross and went with us to go through the barrier "you sure youll be okay?" she asked us we nodded then we hugged her and she waved goodbye to us as we crossed the barrier. We were wearing 2 cool outfits
http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=29153868 and we were sort of standing out because everyone had wizard clothes on or school robes already. We got on to the train dragging our trunks and our new kittens plus the owl wed gotten with us we couldnt pull it onto the train though "need help?" an scottish accent asked we turned around and were looking at Olvier Wood "yes please" i said he pushed kim's trunk on the train easily and then he pushed mine on and then he put the owl's cage on it "thanks" me and kim said at the same time. We found an empty compartment then we put the trunks into a corner and the owl on the luggage rack and we held out kittens in out laps "he is so cute" Kim said "who the cat or wood?" i asked "both" she said and we started to laugh. Soon the train was off and a little while after the train had left the station the door opened and we both turned to see who had come in "can we come in?" Draco Malfoy's cold voice asked i walked over to the door "no pure blood maniacs allowed" i said and shut the door whch he opened again seconds later "come on babe dont play hard to get" he said and walked inside followed by gorillas who were probably crabbe and goyle. "Im pretty sure were only allowed to have toads cats or owls no gorillas" Kim said eying Crabbe who was to stupid to realize what we said so was goyle "whatever" Malfoy said "so first years?" he asked and i gave him a 'duh' look "what are your parents?" he asked in another attempt at small talk "dead" i said "gone" Kim said "tough but i ment what blood status" he said "my parents for instance are-" "oh we know all about your parents" i said "pure blood maniacs who mis treat their house elves maniacs period" Kim continued "and isnt your mother a black?" i asked "like the murderer" kim finished and draco looked ready to blow. "How dare you?" he asked standing up "what are you really going to fight us? im pretty sure we could beat you even with your little henchmen" i said and me and kim both stood up "lets go their not worth it" Draco said and left "finally" ii yelled after him. A few minutes later the twins came in "what did you two do to them they look absolutely furious" George said "nothing just took a go at their parents" Kim said coldly her eyes narrowed at them both "oh its her i was hoping she wouldnt be from hogwarts" Fred said "i just hope shes not in our house" George said "hi" i said sarcastically "oh hullo my names-" fred said sticking his hand out "Weasley of course and judging by you two id say your either fred or george" i said and shook his hand. "Fred" he said "George" george said and shook my hand. "I'm Victoria Beth and is Kimberly Ann were both Tylers" i said "and im-" "American" they said together "we can tell by your accent" fred said "oh my accent you should hear yourself buddy" i said "what are you still doing here thanks to you i cant read the difference between wolfsbane and monkwood" Kim said coldly "they are the ones that threw the water at me" she said. "We told you we ment to throw it at Percy" George said "yeah him and his prefect Hey" he said because id thrown dust at him that made your hair turn rainbow "pay back im going to end up failing most of my classes thanks to you " i said though smiling.
Kim was still mad at the twins but i kept talking to them and they didnt mind the fact that she was acting so cold towards them soon we got to the school and we got out me and kim hiding our cats mine named Nymph and hers named Adore in our pockets.

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