Voices, Vipers, and Football, what a perfect combination. A Randy Orton Love Story.

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Chapter 1

First Day

I stood at the back entrance of the arena WWE Raw was going to be at later tonight. I was the new diva that would make her debut tonight. I walked in with my purple bag slung over my right shoulder, I wore my black skinny jeans and sleek black high heels, and pink 'Party Animal' tank top that revealed just enough of my smooth chest, my hair was pulled back in a slick long ponytail with my red and black bangs swept to the side, black being the natural color of my hair. I walked past crew members and finally found my way to the locker room. I walked in and there was Maryse in a towel getting her ring gear out of her bag, her long blonde hair just dried from her shower, she looked at me and extended her hand,

"Hello, I'm Maryse Ouellet and you must be the new diva?" Her French accent was thick,

"Yeah, I am, I'm Cynthia Salvatore, it's nice to meet you Maryse." My accent was very slight and a mix of Italian and British, but unless you actually listened you'd think I just had an American accent. Maryse looked down at herself still in her white towel and blushed,

"Oh, excuse me while I go change, I'm sorry."

"Oh no it's okay." I smiled as she turned and walked back to the bathroom. There I stood, a new diva, fulfilling my dreams. I walked over to the couch and put my bag down, Stephanie McMahon walked in and greeted me,

"Hello, I'm Stephanie McMahon, you must be Cynthia, it's a pleasure to have you in our company, I hear good things about you." I already know who she was, I knew who every superstar and diva was, how old they were, how tall, how much they weighed, their real names and what the majored in at college; you could say I was quite the fan. I extended my hand to shake her waiting one,

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you." I said with a genuine smile. Stephanie handed me some papers and said,

"This is the script for tonights show, sorry for the short notice, but it was just finished, we had to fix the storyline since some of the wrestlers got sick or injured and can't make it, have you met anyone yet?"

"I met Maryse but that's it, she seems very nice, nothing like how she appears on TV."

"Yes, all of them are not how they are on TV, well, all except one, I'll let you figure out who that is." She half smiled and walked out of the room. I looked at my watch and it was still three hours before the show, I walked out of the locker room and went to the gorilla position, I walked out and the arena was huge, there looked like there was a million empty seats, the ramp was longer than it looked from where I sat at one of the events that came to my hometown. I watched as Phil Brooks (CM Punk) and John Cena practiced their match in the ring. Crewmen walked up and down the ramp getting the cameras and sound set up, men and women were setting up the lights and fireworks.

I went back backstage and found my way to the lunch room, I saw all of these wrestlers I grew up watching that are still in the business, sitting around at tables, some reading their script, and some talking to other wrestlers. I walked further in and was noticed by Melina, Eve Torres, John Hennigan (John Morrison), and various other wrestlers. I felt uncomfortable because I didn't know anyone.

"Hello, I'm Melina Nava Perez, you must be…" Melina paused thinking, trying to remember my name, "Ah! Cynthia, I'm sorry about that." She smiled.

"No, no, it's okay, but yeah, I'm Cynthia Nitheria Salvatore." I exclaimed.

"Cool, so how much do you know about WWE?" Melina asked.

"I've been watching it my entire life, my second word was Undertaker so that should prove that, and it should also prove how obsessed my mom is with him, I know every real name, age, height, weight, born in, resides, billed from, and what every superstar and diva majored in college, I'm a pretty big fan but I'm not a crazy obsessive freak." I laughed.

"Well then," Melina laughed along with me, "Come over here and meet everyone." I nodded and followed her. We approached Michael Mizanin (The Miz) and Kevin Kiley (Alex Riley) who were sitting at a table with Jonathon (Jimmy Uso) and Joshua (Jay Uso) Fatu , Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Stephanie (Nikki Bella) and Brianna (Brie Bella) Garcia, Matthew Korklan (Evan Bourne), and Ted DiBiase Jr. They introduced themselves as did I, then we walked over and met other superstars and divas, and Victoria Crawford (Alicia Fox) is skinnier in person, eek. John Cena and Phil Brooks walked in the catering room and I greeted them too, dang* why is John Cena married?

Someone was missing, he wasn't here, and just as I finished looking around secretly to see if I just overlooked him he walked in, his 6'4 245 lb muscular frame stalking in with a slight grin on his face. Oh god how he made me feel, I wanted him, he saw me and I stood up and accepted his extended hand.

"I'm Randy Orton, you must be Cynthia, it's a pleasure you meet you." Oh dear god his voice made chills go up and down my spine, his stare was mesmerizing,

"It's a pleasure to meet you too." He let go of my hand

"Could I show you around the arena?" He asked, I noticed some shocked and surprised looks on the faces of the other wrestlers, but I disregarded it,

"Sure, I don't see why not." Me and Randy left the room and walked down the hall. After I saw the whole place Randy took me down to the ring.

"Have you ever been in a wrestling ring before?" He asked leaning his back against the apron.

"Nope never, I've always wanted to though, I just never got the chance until now." I replied as I walked up the steel steps.

"A piece of advice, every time you get in that ring there are going to be people cheering for you and people booing, the worst things will be said but never let it go to your head, if you do then you will fail miserably in this business." He tone was strict but caring; he actually cared if I made it here. I stepped in the ring and leaned against the ropes,

"Was I the only one who noticed everyone looking shocked?" I asked.

"You'll get use to it, every time I act like a good guy everyone is surprised, you'd think they'd know by now that I'm nothing like how I appear on TV." He scoffed, I could relate to him, I never acted how I appeared, just because I wore black almost every day didn't mean I was some kind of depressed Goth.

"I know how you feel,"

"Really? How could you possibly know? You are not me, you could never understand! You are just some rookie, a wrestler wannabe who will never make it." Randy turned around to walk away, I felt bad for him, and how would I prove I did know how it felt to be an outsider? I thought I was done proving myself to people but I guess I'm not. I got out of the ring and chased after him, but then thought I shouldn't, Wrestler Wannabe that hurt, I was better than people thought though I had never actually been in a ring before. I still chased him; I grabbed his arm before he left the stage,

"Listen Orton, I am not some wannabe, and I do know what it feels like, I spent my entire life proving that I was better than everyone thought I was, I do know that feeling when no one realizes how much what they say affects you. I'm not telling you to change and I'm not saying you need to stop whining, I'm saying that you're wrong about me. You can't judge me until you know me, so I'm not judging you." I walked back to the locker room, leaving Randy shocked that I confronted him, nobody else would have done that, they were all too scared of what he might do.

I walked in the locker room, Maryse sitting on the couch adjusting her ring gear.

"Why are you in your gear? Its two and a half hours before the show starts." I asked sitting down getting my script out.

"My gear is difficult it takes some time to get it comfortable. I need to talk to Julie about it." She replied. I nodded understanding and read my script. I saw that my first match was a tag team against Maryse and Ted DiBiase Jr. I looked over at her and she smiled,

"I know, I get the match with the new girl, this'll be fun! Since we're already like friends." She smiled again as did I. This would be fun, wrestling against someone I feel I can already trust, I got up and put on my Capri sweat pants, red cutoff tank top and black and red Nikes. Maryse and I were about to go out to the ring to practice our match with Ted DiBiase and...

"WHAT! My tag team partner is Zack Ryder?" I read who my partner was and ugh...

"Zack's a great guy." Maryse reassured me,

"Maybe but in ring, We're going to lose! I don't want to lose my first match!"

"You're not, keep reading," I read aloud,

"Ryder tags in Night and she enters the ring, DiBiase tags in Maryse and she runs to clothesline Night but misses. Night Irish whips Maryse into the ropes and kicked her in the face. Maryse falls to the mat and holds her face in her hands. Night does her signature hand motions and does her finisher on Maryse, which consists of Night lifting up Maryse and doing a back breaker then following it up with a spinning suplex into a face buster (lifts up for suplex, spins and busts face on mat looks cooler in my mind). Night goes for the pin and Ryder stops DiBiase from interfering and Night gets the three count. Ryder and Night celebrate as Maryse and DiBiase mop into the back.

"We win? Awesome! Well then we best go practice." I smiled happily and we all went out to practice. We didn't get that into it for I wanted to surprise everyone of my ability to wrestle so we only ran through the basic things.

Later I was in the locker room, Raw had already started and The New Nexus was out talking smack, I was brushing up as much as I could on my lines before my debut later on, I was nervous, almost sweating, and overly excited. I couldn't keep still, I kept shaking and getting up, Natalya (Natalie Neidhart) walked in and looked over at me,

"Are you nervous?" I nodded. "Don't be, you are a strong beautiful young woman, your massive biceps alone will get the crowd on your side, you will have tons of fans, and if you mess up don't worry nobody expects you to be perfect, everyone has made their share of mistakes." Nattie's words were very motivating, and I was no longer as nervous as I was.

"Thanks, I needed that. I'm Salvatore, Cynthia Salvatore." I smiled and extended my hand and she accepted it.

"Natalie Neidhart, it's nice to meet you, I see you like James Bond." She laughed and we continued talking.

"So do you have a boyfriend? Excuse me or a..." I cut her off

"No I'm straight," I laughed, "But my brother always jokes that when I turn sixteen I will play for the other team because of some magic 8 ball, but that is long past so he was wrong." I laughed at my brother's stupidity. She laughed too,

"So then do you have boyfriend?" She asked again.

"Nope, 100% single." I flopped down on the couch and throw my script on the table,

"Well Mike (Miz) is single, Kevin (Alex Riley), Phil (CM Punk), um so is Bryan (Daniel Bryan),"

"Kevin has a huge cross tattoo on his back, I know a guy named Phil, and Daniel Bryan is...Daniel Bryan so no thank you to them, what about Randy?"

"Randy Orton?"

"Yeah," I said No I mean Randy Savage who else? I thought to myself but did not say out loud, I liked Nattie I didn't want her to think I was rude.

"Oh, well, I think you should stay away from him," Nattie said with warning in her eyes.

"Why? Did he kill someone? Did he hit a woman?"

"No, none of that," I cut her off,

"Then what's the problem with Randy Orton? If he hasn't done anything why beat up on him?" I stood up and realized how I had just acted.

"Listen, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap off like that, it's just that everyone hates on Randy because they think he's a bad guy and I know that feeling, so I got a little defensive, again I'm sorry."

"No, you have nothing to be sorry for, I am sorry, we shouldn't treat Randy any different just because of what he does in the ring." Nattie and I shook hands things going well again. So many things happening on the first day, this feels like a soap opera.

End of Chapter


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