Mine Forever A Justin Bieber Love Story part 22

sorry its short.. but the next 1 will be longer!!
sorry i haven't been posting allot I've been busy with school and sports :) enjoy!!

Chapter 1


by: AmyRyan
Waking up the next morning next to Justin is the best feeling in the world. He woke up and faced Justin to see his big browns eyes shinning in the light looking at me.

Amanda:Watching me sleep weirdo?
Justin:Nah, just thinking.
Amanda:wraps arms around Justin’s neck you okay?
Justin:I’m fine, c’mon. today is our last day. lets go out.

I got ready with Justin and headed out the hotel to have breakfast. Paparazzi was going crazy, taking pictures screaming questions and almost hitting me in the face. Justin put his arms around my body and just ran into the restaurant. We quickly get a booth to eat so we dont have paparazzi taking pictures of us through the window.

Amanda: I dont know how you deal with that.
Justin:I dont know how i can either, out pictures will be everywhere and there are gonna be rumors just giving you a heads up babe.
Amanda:I know, it’s fine Justin.

So were sitting at the tabel enjoying our breakfast when Ben and his two friends walk into the restaurant. My face gets bright red of anger and Justin drops his fork and looks up with the angriest face. Ben starts walking over to us.

Amanda:Justin, dont say a word.

Ben:Hey, amanda…how’s breakfeast with Justin


Ben:Good, we all know your just dating him for fame.

Justin got up from the tabel grabbed his shirt and pinned him against the wall, everyone in the restaurant turned and looked i grabbed.

Amanda:grabs Justin SIT DOWN.

Justin cooled off then walked back to the tabel, Ben said NOTHING.

Amanda:Great, Justin how stupid can you get?

Justin:I dont care what people say anymore, he’s not messing with you.


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