Not So Much a Slave than Toy (Emo love story)

Not So Much a Slave than Toy (Emo love story)

Alright, my first love story, or quiz that will actually have mild dirtiness in it. It doesn't really make sense to me whatsoever but the basic plot you'll need to figure out on your own. And this character isn't based off me or anyone I know.

Chapter 7


(Guys, I'm super sorry I can't upload as often but a senior at my school commited suicide last night, we weren't really friends, but he would say hi and smile at me in the hallway and it hurts because some kids just don't care and were saying that they were happy he was finally dead; don't worry though, I've already got plans to punch them all in the face. My girlfriend cuts herself, I would do something about it, but we're over 600 miles away from each other, so I've put my bestmate up to the job of keeping tabs on her for me and keeping her happy. I call her whenever I get the chance, and today I took my phone out in the middle of class just to make sure she's still alive, because Tylers death made me afraid for her. Sometimes I worry that I'll call her one day and her mum will pick up and tell me she's dead...God, sorry, off track again. This chapter may or may not be a bit depressing because of this.)
Derrick's POV
There she was again. Dusting off the cabinets in my room, but if I let her see me, she would just run off like always. So I just stood there and watched the awkward way she would move her body as if trying to be less feminine. Suddenly she threw down the duster in frustration and curled up in a ball on the floor. I heard Nathan start crying from the other room and Raine immeadiately stood back up and disappeared behind the curtain. I took this chance and sprung under the covers of my bed she had yet to clean. I heard Raine's feet shuffle across the floor and the springs curl down when she sat only about a foot away from where I was laying. She was talking to herself but I couldn't understand a word she was saying, the few words I could make out sounded like baby , abortion and suicide. I popped my head out from under the covers before I could stop myself "What was that about suicide?" I said calmly, cocking my head a bit to the left. I had a tendency to do that when I knew I was about to get in trouble, but she just looked at me like a deer in headlights. I could see her ready to spring up and run out again but I grabbed her wrist and pulled up the sleeve of her sweater. There were old scars and some still healing but two in particular were still bleeding, it was strange. Seeing blood. I'd never actually found myself depressed enough to cut myself, no matter how many times I'd plotted my suicide. "Raine..."
She started shaking and pulled away, starting to run, I moved to get up, but she beat me to the door and was already well gone down the hall by the time I reached the entryway. For one of the first times in my life, I was concerned and afraid for someone.
Raine's POV
Once Derrick saw my scars, there wasn't much I could do. I mean, there he was in a t-shirt, not a scratch to be seen and here was me, I was just lucky he hadn't pulled up my sleeve any farther or bothered to see the other arm. "Raine..." He said, that was when I bolted for the door, getting a head start and making it into one of the secret passageways I'd found one day when I accidentally tripped over a dip in the floor. It lead directly to the servant's quarters, where I slammed the wall shut behind me and pulled the razor out from my pocket. I forced my eyes to stare long and hard at the blood stained blade before I raised it to my neck.
Derricks POV
"Raine!" I shouted, running through the halls like a wild monkey. "Raine, where the hell are you?!" I rushed past my parents room, which was almost always empty and backtracked. I heard moaning on the other side, and that definetly didn't sound like a man and a woman behind there. Cautiously, I creaked open the door about an inch and slammed it shut immeadiately holding back gags. I would never get that image out of my mind. But back to more important things, I started roaming the halls again and shouting, but she never answered and it seemed as if the house was at a lack of servants today, although, I already knew where two of them were and the thought made me shudder.
Raines POV
I felt a load come off my scalp as I started hacking away at my hair, I didn't care how it looked as long as I came out unrecognizeable in the end. This was just the first step of my plan, I needed Catherine to get in on it to help me with the rest.

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