Not So Much a Slave than Toy (Emo love story)

Not So Much a Slave than Toy (Emo love story)

Alright, my first love story, or quiz that will actually have mild dirtiness in it. It doesn't really make sense to me whatsoever but the basic plot you'll need to figure out on your own. And this character isn't based off me or anyone I know.

Chapter 3

Job Sucks...Boyfriend Rocks

(Sorry this took so long. And I forgot to mention earlier that Raine is british and she'd only just recently moved to california to get as far away from her abusive father as possible)
Derrick's parents were back the next day and when they met me, all his mother could do was sneer and critisize my boyish features. I became enemies with them immediately after they took all my clothes and burned them, then told me that I was only supposed to wear a hideous looking pink summer dress at all times.
(3 weeks later)
I was washing dishes in the kitchen from a meal none of them had eaten when someone came in behind me.
"Raine?" Derrick asked. I slammed the bowl on the counter and turned around.
"What?" I hissed. Being around his parents always put me in a bitter mood.
"Sorry about them. The truth is, my mother thinks you're pretty and shes jealous, and dad...well, dad is always like that to everyone." He said
"Beg to differ." I snorted and picked up another diry plate and began scrubbing it. Derrick looked at me with a piercing gaze.
"Raine?" He said again.
"What!" I screamed.
"You really are beautiful though." My stomach fluttered and I dropped the plate. Derrick swept across the room in 3 strides and grabbed it before it reached the ground. (I'm really tall. Things take awhile to reach the ground from where I stand) Then he started shaking my shoulders. I wasn't paying attention; my mind was somewhere else. The horrible memories that never went away.
"Raine! Raine!" He shouted and nearly knocked me over by the force of his shaking. I shuddered and returned to the real world. Derrick and My eyes were locked. I don't know why but I leaned in and just as we were about to kiss the kitchen door slammed open. I quickly dashed to the opposite side of the room as far from Derrick as possible.
It was only Albert with more dishes.
"Your parents are wondering when you will be rejoining them Master Derrick." He said and handed me the plates.
"Tell them I'll be down in a minute."
"Will do, Master Derrick." and then Albert turned around and left. I set the dishes by the sink and Derrick walked up to me. We returned to that strange eye-locking moment where we leaned in, then our lips met. Derrick quickly pulled away as we heard his mother shouting his name.
"I gotta go!" He said and kissed my forehead, then ran out the door. Albert came in the second he left and chuckled at the look on my face.
"Master Derrick has found a new love in you, has he not?"
I nodded. Then he walked up and started drying off dishes as I handed them to him. We worked in silence for about 10 minutes and I handed him the very last plate.
"Albert," I said "how many servants are there? I've never actually seen any other ones besides you and the guys in the stables."
"Not many, I'm afraid. There are only 4 others besides the ones you mentioned, and you're one of them. The other 3 care for Master Derrick's brother."
"Derrick has a brother?"
"Oh yes, but he's been deathly ill for quite some time now. We aren't sure if he will make it. He's only 6."
"What is his name?" I asked, my curiosity growing.
"Nathaniel. I could take you to see him if you like." Albert said.
"I'd like that."
So me and Albert traveled up the 3 flights of stairs, when we finally reached the landing, I was buckled over breathing heavily. Albert waited for me to catch my breath and when I finally did, he opened a small door that I wouldn't have noticed if he hadn't touched it. The room that it opened to was huge, there was a tv, a private bathroom, a huge bed, a gibson guitar, video games, and what looked like a whole closet full of band t-shirts, skinny jeans, and tripp pants. I gaped, this wasn't on the tour that Derrick gave me.
"This is master Derrick's room," Albert said "everyone goes through here to get to Master Nathaniel's room. This way." He ducked under a tapestry and opened another hidden door. I stepped through it into a smaller room with a bed and a small bathroom. There were only two people in there, a small boy ghastly pale sleeping on the bed, and Derrick. He heard me come in and threw a small smile at me. I quietly walked over and sat next to him. He looked back at the boy I knew was Nathan and stroked his cheek with his finger. I could see the fear in his eyes, knowing he might lose his own brother. I wrapped my arm around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder, breathing in his cologne.
"Your birthday is tomorrow?" He asked.
"Yeah, why?" I replied, curious to how he even knew my birthday was this month.
"No reason. Just wondering if I should be getting you anything."
"Derrick, we've only known each other for 3 weeks, you don't need to get me anything. Besides, your parents would most likely steal it from me."
"I would hide it in my room, and you could go in there to use it...or wear it. Come on, please." He pleaded and kissed my nose. I kept my straight face, as Nathan started whining in his sleep. His eyes opened. Derrick's head shot to him and he grinned. "Hey sleepy head." He said "Look who's finally awake!" The look on his face made me smile widely. Derrick saw it and asked,
I laughed, "You'll be a positively perfect father someday."
"Who's that Derrick?" I heard Nathan whisper in a very weak voice that made me go numb for a moment.
"This is your new caretaker, Raine." Derrick replied, helping Nathan sit up. Both of them had those piercing crystal blue eyes that were impossible to not notice, especially when both of them were staring at you at the same moment.
"What happened to Hannah?" Nathan asked.
"Hannah is working in the kitchen with Louise from now on." Derrick explained in a, (in my opinion), babylike voice. Then he turned and nodded to me. I scooted closer to them and smiled.
"Hi Nathan," I said, dissapointed when he started hiding behind Derrick.
"He'll get used to you." Derrick laughed and got up. I followed him, and Nathan settled back down under the covers. Once we were in his bedroom with the door shut, I said
"He seemed better than what I've heard."
"The longer he stays awake the better he gets, but the second he falls asleep it lapses back into what it was. I don't know how to explain it fully but its like he goes into little comas and you never know when he's going to wake up." He explained. "Meet me back up here tomorrow night when Nick starts wearing you down. I'll have your present ready."
"How is a bed-ridden child meant to wear me down?" I asked.
"You'll see." Derrick replied mischeviously.

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