Ask Me Anything. Ill Answer 100% truthfully

Chapter 1

Read bellow

Comment and ask.
Ill answer everything.
No matter how rude dirty stupid random.
More than one if you want.
I havent done this in a while.
Im not posting a video of it so just ask.

Ive had messages asking for my
+Phone number
+Justins autograph
+Justins Email.
I am not giving this stuff out.
You can cry beg scream but I am not giving this out im sorry I love you guys that thats private stuff.

Im sooooo bored,
so please hurry.

If yous needa talk about anything im here

I love all you guys you mean the world to me and id do anytthing for yous.

I do not have Facebook,Myspace,Bebo
so theres 1000% chance there fake
delete report fakes please.

Love Love Love


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