Logan Lerman Love Story? Maybe So.

Logan Lerman Love Story? Maybe So.

Kay Kosti's life is... complicated. When her family was killed in a Car Crash, her rich Grandparents didn't want her to come live with them. Instead they insisted she lived by herself and they just pay for everything and anything she needed or wanted. After a year has gone, and she has seperated herself from everyone, she comes back from Winter Break and Logan Lerman, a new boy, is introduced into her life.
What will happen? Will Kay find herself falling for this new boy?
Read. & Find Out!(:

Chapter 1

Back From Winter Break

It was the monday we came back from Winter Break, if "Winter" in Florida even counts.. and like every other teenager in the state I was dreading school. I was on my way to school, blasting All Time Low and my light brown hair was flying behind my face, thanks to my convertible (http://99audis.com/gallery2/d/56-1/Audi+A4+Cabriolet+Black.jpg). When I finally pulled into the parking lot I noticed a new car that was parked near my usual spot. A Lexus, a very nice one too. I wondered to myself whose it was while I turned off my car and stepped outside. I then grabbed my leather jacket and put it on over my slim fit black tee, some of the kids at school say I dress like a goth, which is weird because I dont. I dress how I feel that day, if im not in a good mood, like most days, i wear darker colors. But the kids at school know im not the girl to mess with, I stay to myself usually, well I have ever since the accident happened. Everyone knows that. And thats why they're nice to me, cause they feel sorry. And I hate when people act certain ways because they feel sorry, or guilty, or any other stupid emotion. I'm done with emotions, they end up hurting you too much in the end. The Warning Bell pulled me out of my deep thought so I plugged in my headphones and I started to walk to first period.

[ Sorry it's so short. It gets better! I Promice! lol(: ]

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