The Depths of Hogwarts (Harry Potter Fanfiction)

This story has been discontinued.
Feel free to read anyway!

Chapter 1

Entering Hogwarts

I peer out of the train window into the distance towards Hogwarts. Luckily, I have grabbed a train compartment to myself and no one has disturbed me yet. The site of Hogwarts is utterly stunning. The many turrets and towers shadow the surrounding grounds of the castle and the sun beats down on the many windows, making them shine out like stars in the night sky.

It had been amazing when the Hogwarts letter had arrived at my tiny cottage in the Welsh countryside. My mum had been so proud, tears leaking from her electric blue eyes, saying how proud she was that I'd taken after my dad. Mum is a non-magic person–I never call her a muggle…I feel that I would be insulting her to name her like that. But mum really is the most inspiring and determined person you can find anywhere. Dad, however was a wizard, but unfortunately, as I have heard from my mum so many times, he died. Died as a hero, fighting for what he believed in.

I don’t like to think about it, so I distract myself with dragging my spotted suitcase down from the worn luggage rack, as the train slows and then screeches to a halt.

I climb off the train, standing in a pool of cloaked children starting their school year, and begin I make my way towards a large figure calling for first-years, like myself.

I travel in boats accross a large, dark lake with the other people in my year and gaze in awe at the Hogwarts Castle coming nearer by the minute.

By the time the boats reach shore, I find myself wishing the uniform was slightly warmer and I notice I'm not the only one begining to shiver. The large, hairy man calls to us to follow him to the Castle Entrance and everyone follows him silently like sheep following a shepherd.

At last, we reach the large bronze door to the castle. The large man knocks and the door creaks slowly open.

I really can't wait for the year to begin...

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