The Prank Wars (a weasley twins love story)

Name:Leah Thomson
Age:1 year younger than the twins
Hair color:Blue and straight
Skin Color:Pale
Eye color:Gray
Nail color:changes with her moods
Nicknames:Leah Lee, Tommie, Lee
Blood status:Half Blood

Chapter 1

First Meeting

by: MelMalfoy
I wasnt a very popular girl actually i had no friends at all when i met the weasley twins, i was in my second year and they were in their third it was the first day of school actually and we were on the train. There werent any empty compartment so they had to sit with me and being the gits that they were they didnt even ask if they could they just strode right in with lee jordan. "So whats going to be the first prank of the year?" lee asked "i was thinking of doing one over old snape" fred said "how about we give him a bottle of shampoo?" george finished. I started to giggle "think somethings funny eh?" someone asked i looked up from behind my book "yes i do" i sad then turned back to my book "what then spit it out" george said, i put down my book then "its just funny i heard you were supposed to be the best prankers but thats amateur stuff". "Oh and i suppose youd have better ideas?" fred countered "no thats not what im saying but prankery is like an art its poetry dude" they looked at me like i was crazy "look at snape you see him you think greasy hair thats were you got the shampoo idea but he also has a hook nose and hes skinny but thats only in the looks you have to think about his personality". I started to pace around them "hes a cranky grumpy man and hes a potions teacher so id say you would have to mess with a love of his and what does he love? his potions." i said then sat back down then icked my book back up and kept reading. "Wow your good" fred said "so what do you suppose we should do then?" george asked me i looked up from my book and smirked "mix his ingredients of course" i said and they whooped with glee. "I believe we have found the worlds first prank poet" lee said and i smiled "im george weasley and this is my less attractive twin fred weasley and this is lee jordan" george said sticking his hand out "oh i know who you are this is my second year here not my first and i am a gryffindor" i said without shakng his hand. "Really? wow i never knew that" george said "people ignore me because i seem weird you know my nails and my hair plus im only a half blood" i said returning to my book "well all thats about to change rank poet" fred said jumping onto the seat next to me and putting an arm around me "so whats your name?" lee asked "Leah Thomson" i said. After that we talked about each other for instance they talked about how they had given their brother Ron a fake sell which he would be no doubt showing off and about why my hair was blue which is because when i was little i had stuck my head into one of my mum's potions and well the rest is history.
"Hey leah wanna sit with us?" george asked me when we reached the school "sure" i said and sat down with them to watch the first years get sorted the first to come was hermione granger a muggle born the next was ron weasley a pure blood and the twin's brother and the third was harry potter ya harry potter! "Harry potter is your friend ronald?" i asked him "well i guess ya" he said his ears turning red "hey leah can i talk to you for a sec?" lee asked me i nodded and he led me out into the hall. "I-i was uh wondering if you would like to uh go out with me?" he asked sheepishly, i didnt really know what to say noone had ever asked me out and i didnt really like lee to tell the truth i kinda liked the twins "uhm a..." i said "oh uh thats ok i just never mind forget i ever said anything" he said then turned "no uh ya sure ill go out with you" i said i didnt wanna hurt him now especially since wed just met. A smile lit up his face and i couldnt help it a little grin appeared on my own we walked back into the great hall and sat back down i started to eat my food well more like attack it. I walked into my dorm room to find the girls all giggly which annoyed me so i just laid down on my bed and started to read my book again "so i hear your dating lee jordan!" jaden a girl in my year said jumping onto my bed. "God he barely asked me like 20 minutes ago!" i screeched "how do you guys know already?" i asked now knowing what they were all giggly about "well hes off ranting about it all over the common room saying that you said yes and stuff" she giggled "That bloody git" i spat.
After that me and lee dated for the rest of the year and i did beat him up for saying all those things.

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