Town Forget

Brady lives in the small town of Tegrof, there it's safe, unlike the outside world, were only few are lucky enough to be saved and taken to the small town. Or at least, that's what Brady has known for as long as she can remember, but then Van comes and he questions the town, then Brady starts to question it to. But what will happen if they find the truth, will it be good or could it ruin their lives forever???

Chapter 1

The Survivor.

Brady sat there on the porch stair knowing she would have to face it sooner or later; it was such a stupid fear in the first place! It’s been three years already, the council weren’t going to put up with it much longer and she didn’t want to disappoint Max, he had been so nice since they met. She sighed and pushed herself off the step, the usual sharp pain running through her side, but she just ignored it and slowly walked to her rundown yellow ford. Brady sat on the pretty much shredded driver’s seat and thought about her past, mostly about the pain in her side, she’s done this before, thought about her past, Max always tells her to forget about it but she can’t help it.
As always, when she thought about it she saw snapshots of blood and an old guy kicking at her side but then the real memory would come back, laughing, slipping, falling, table edge, then darkness. That’s how she got the ache, falling off a ladder at school and hitting her side on the edge of a table, that’s how she met Max, at the hospital. Brady never really remembers anything before meeting Max, they say it may be because of her fall; apparently she hit her head as well. She shivered and started the car. It was her first day for a while, school. She never wanted to go back, after the fall and the kids going missing then when finally found they had markings scratched into their hands like they were used like a sacrifice, but that’s not possible, the only people who’d do that here would be the people in the asylum and no one had broken out. She shivered again as she remembered the news. Brady shook it off, started the engine and pulled out of the driveway, as she drove along she saw the barbed wire fence that surrounded Tegrof, her small town. The people of Tegrof weren’t allowed to go outside the fence, they’ve been told that those that live outside the boundaries are terrible people who do terrible things to good people, and if we took a step outside the fence we’d most likely get taken. Most blamed them for the dead children. Brady continued to drive; she drove past the shops, the gym, the park, the asylum and finally got to the school. She drove into the parking lot and pulled into a parking spot, the second she stepped out of my car a got tackled into a hug by her best friend Cindy.
“You came! You came! You came!” Cindy cheered, “I didn’t think you would but you did and you’re going to stay, right?” Cindy had light blonde hair chopped into a bob compared to her chocolate coloured hair which was just plainly grown to almost under her shoulder blades. She had all the perfect features, none of which Brady had.
“Yeah,” Brady said taking a big breath as her friend let go of her, “I’m staying.” Cindy made a little squeak of joy, grabbed Brady’s hand and dragged her to the office where she’d get her time table. Cindy and she were in the majority of the same classes, which, once again, made Cindy do a little squeal of joy.
They went through the day pretty quickly and Brady had to admit, it wasn’t bad. As Brady was driving home with Cindy and they went past the gate section of the fence, they noticed it was currently open and a big truck was driving through it. Brady pulled over, put the hand brake on and jumped out of the car leaving it idling and not paying attention whether Cindy was following her or not. She walked up to the truck as it stopped inside the gates, the driver and person in the front passenger seat got out walked over to the gate, closed and locked it and headed back to their truck. As they approached me I started talking, “What’s in the truck?” I asked.
They looked at me for a moment before answering, “A survivor,” is all they said, but she knew what they meant, a survivor is someone who lived outside our village and was found at the side of the road. “Can I see?” she asked. The two men looked at her shrugged and headed for the back of the truck.
Van looked up when he heard the back of the truck open. He was sitting in the far back corner, his back against the wall and hugging his knees to his chest. He looked up to see the two men who had picked him up from the side of the road and next to them was a girl who was looking at him like he was new, never before seen species. The girl got herself into the truck and walked slowly towards him, when she was in front of him she crouched down and put her hand out, “hey,” she said smiling softly, “I’m Brady, what’s your name?”
Van stared at her; she had chocolate brown hair and light green eyes outlined in dark -almost black- brown. “Van,” he replied, but didn’t shake her hand, instead he stayed in the same position, her smile faltered a little which sent a pang of guilt through him, why did he have to be rude? She was only trying to be friendly, but then he remembered he had just been abducted from the side of the road and his guilt left him, and anger replaced it.
“Well hey Van,” she was still being nice to him, why? “I hope you find your new home up to your standards, and maybe we’ll meet up again.” She gave him another quick smile. Then someone else appeared at the back of the truck, she had light blonde hair cut into a bob and bright blue eyes, “Brady, we need to go,” she said eying Van like he was going to attack any minute. Brady looked at the girl, “go and wait in the car, I’ll be there in a minute,” then she turned back to me, “that was my friend Cindy. And she’s right, I better be going, hope we see each other again, it was nice meeting you,” she then stood up and left leaving Van to feel slightly lonely as the men closed the door leaving him in darkness. During the drive home all he could remember were those beautiful eyes.
“You saw a survivor before they got re-made! Oh my god! No one gets to, that’s the point! And if anyone does they get re-made so no one knows it’s them!” Cindy gushed. Of course Brady knew all this, she wasn’t an idiot, everyone one knew and no one knew whether or not others were survivors, it was all very secret. And getting re-made, they look totally different, sound different, everything is different, and that sorta explains why it called‘re-made’. Though, Brady couldn’t get his expression out of her head, he looked scared. Terrified really, his light brown eyes looked hollow, his dirty blonde hair long, shaggy and dirty like it hadn‘t been looked after in a long time. His clothes had been torn and covered in mud; he had small cuts all over his body and a big gash on his forehead covered in dry blood. It looked as if he had a rough time, maybe he was one of those victimised by the bad people outside Tegrof. To Cindy though, she said nothing, when she dropped Sophie off at her small hut-like-house and said their goodbyes and promises to go to school the next day, though instead of heading forward to her hut-like-house she turned around and went the way she came. It didn’t take long to find the truck and follow it. When they stop though, what is she going to say to them? How is she supposed to explain her following them? She wondered, she didn’t even know why she did it. But her answer came when she saw where they were parking; they were parking just outside Max’s work. Why didn’t she think of that before? Max is the guy who deals with the survivors, Brady smiled a little remembering this, and she had the perfect excuse. But when she got out of her car she saw something that didn’t look as friendly as it should. The two men from the truck were dragging Van out of the truck and spitting terrible swear words at him and when the big built one kicked him Brady grew angry, she stormed over and started yelling at them, “I swear, you kick him one more time I will kick three times as hard, three times as much! He’s in a bad condition as it is, and even if he wasn’t you should be nice and helpful; this is a new place for him! Also, swearing at him? What’s that going to accomplish other than a bad impression on us all when the majority of us are lovely people! I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to leave! I mean, what are you? Ani-“
A soothing voice interrupted her, “Brady, calm down, I’ll deal with them later,” Max said, as she looked up at him he walked over, standing next to her and shot the men a look I couldn’t quite decipher, “But first do I get my hug?” he asked smiling and holding out his arms, she didn’t hesitate, just flung herself into his arms, he laughed softly, Max was like a big brother for her, he was there whenever she needed him. Then Brady pulled away from Max, turned to Van, pulled him away from the two men, stuck his arm over her shoulder to support him and walked him over to a nearby wooden seat. She sat him down, and then sat down next to him, “sorry about all that, they’re the only people I’ve seen treat others so badly, the majority of us aren’t like that, they really are lovely, promise.”
He didn’t say anything, just sat there looking away from her. After a moment though she heard him mumble something though, “Sorry, didn’t quite catch that,” she said.
“Thank you,” he grunted.
“Anytime,” she replied, at that time Max came over and stood in front of them.
“Sorry about that,” Max said, holding out his hand to Van, “I’m Max.”
“Van,” Van mumbled, looking up but not shaking Max’s hand.
“He isn’t really, very fond of shaking hands,” Brady informed Max, when she saw Van smile and Max laugh slightly, she smiled. Then Max cleared his throat, “We have a slight problem with where Van can stay,” he informed the both of them, “The residence where ‘survivors’ stay at first are under renovations and cannot be used currently, Van has no place to stay.”
They stayed silent for a moment thinking of a solution when Brady thought of one, “He could stay with me.”
Max looked uncertain but nodded, “I’d like to have a little word with him first. Privately.”
Brady nodded and walked until she was out of ear shot but she could still see them. She saw Max talking and Van flinched, she almost took a step forward but then resisted because she knew she could trust Max and he wouldn’t harm a fly. She saw Max talking calmly and Van nodding frantically. After a couple of minutes Max looked over to her and motioned for her to come back over, she obeyed and walked over.
“I think that Van need to get cleaned up, get settled and have a good rest. If he feels up to it then he can go to school tomorrow. Will you be okay to look after him?” Max asked, sounding genially concerned, Brady nodded then grabbed Van’s arm, pulling him up.
“Come on,” she mumbled, leading him towards her car.
On their way back to her house Van was silent the entire time, “Are you okay?” Brady asked.
Van glanced at her then nodded, “Fine,” he said, “this place is just... different.”
“You’ll be fine,” Brady promised. They were silent the rest of the drive and when they arrived home, she let him take a shower while she got the spare room ready, when he got out Brady helped him patch up his wounds then sent him to watch a DVD or read a book while she got dinner ready. Instead of either he just sat on the lounge wordlessly. When they were eating dinner, he didn’t say a word and when he finished he went straight to bed.
/ It’s the fault of the two men at the truck, He probably thinks we are all terrible people,/ Brady thought, I’ll have to prove him wrong.

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