Hate That I Love You......(A Glee Love Story)

Here's To All Your Glee Fans Hope You Like It

Chapter 1

Meeting The Character

Name: Aqua Lizette Lopez

Age: 17

Hair Color: Black Straight Waist Length Blue Tips

Eye Color: Gray

Body: Slim/Curvy

Skin Color: Ligth Brown

Siblings: Finn and Kurt (She's adopted)

Personality: Loves To Sing Dance And Act, Also Loves To Watch And Play Football, Play With Bouys And Can Take It. She Is In MMA, BOXING, WRESTLING, and KICKBOXING. Loves Monday Nigth Raw And Is. A Huge Fan Of John Cena. She Is Outgoing Funny Isn't Afraid To Speak Her Mind And Super Patient. Loves Her Brothers To Death Even Though They Aren't Really Related

Hates: Puck And Rachell (Explains In The Story)

Well Tell Me If You Think I Should Make It By The Way Its Going To Be A Puck And Sam Love Story. Let Me Know If I Should Make It!!!

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