Post-Mockingjay: The Capitol's Hunger Games

i made this a while ago when i was bored, as you can see. i don't update it much anymore but im editing what i already wrote in a word doc in my spare time, maybe i'll post it on a fanfic website (even though it's a bit cliche :P )
maybe i'll write another chapter eventually.
after i change the last one because it's depressingly rushed, from what i remember.

Chapter 3

The Goodbyes

by: gingiberi
All twenty-four tributes are escorted - well, more or less herded - to the Justice Building for our goodbyes to friends, family - anyone who wants to see us off. Wish us luck. See us for the last time.
I am brought into a room much like my grandfather's study, but it feels much less inviting. There are few windows, but there are crimson curtains hanging from the existing ones. The curtains are of the same material as the couch covers, which are lined with a gold trim. The room is more or less antique.
The first group to visit me is my family. My mother, who is already crying, my father, an anxious look on his face, and my twin brothers, looking equally as anxious.
My mother embraces me in a hug so tight I think I may burst.
"Oh, Autumn," she says. "I don't know what to do for you! Our family has no power now that the rebels have taken over! Believe me, I'd get you back home if I could!"
My mother rambles on until my father calms her down. Then he turns to me and pats me on the back. I don't understand why until I realise that I've been crying the whole time.
"Try hard, Autumn," he says. "We believe in you. Your sister would, too."
That comment doesn't help in the least; the mention of my sister just gets me crying even harder.
My brothers don't have much to say. We've never really been close and, on top of that, they probably want to say goodbye to their friend, too.
We all hug, and then my family is ushered out of the room. I wipe the tears off my cheeks, but the thought that I won't get to see them again just brings more streaming from my eyes.
The next to visit me are my school friends, who rush in and tackle me in a huge hug the moment the doors open - all except one. Hayley Dewberry.
Once everyone has cleared off, Hayley comes and gives me a gentle hug. Then, in a rushed wisper, she says "Take care of my sister - please - I love her so much - she's so young - take her as an ally - I'm begging you -"
"I will" I tell her.
She lets go of me and searches her bag for a few seconds, only to pull out a small black box.
"Here," she says. "I made this as soon as I heard there was going to be another Hunger Games. Please - wear it in the arena."
Hayley hands me the box. I open it to find a beaded headband, patterned with white and red beads, with a beaded, white rose off to one side of it. It may be the most wonderful gift anyone has ever given me. Too bad I'll die before I can wear it in public.
"It's beautiful," I say. Hayley gives a shy smile.
My friends join me in a group hug before they, too, are escorted out. That's the last time I'll see them, too.
The next person to come in is someone I don't recognize at first, but when I see the gleaming badge on her vest, I know who she is. It's Commander Paylor - our new president.
"Good afternoon, Ms. Snow," she says, placing emphasis on 'Snow'.
I nod back.
"I trust you know who I am," she says professionally.
I nod again.
"I am here concerning your participation in the 76th Hunger Games," she informs me.
I know what's coming now.
"Considering you are the infamous President Snow's granddaughter, the council has decided to ensure your death during the Games. If it comes down to you and another in the final two, the Gamemakers will be forced to-"
Paylor is cut off as the door bursts open and a boy of roughly my age stumbles into the room, panting. The first things I notice are his eyes, which are bright blue, and his hair colour - a deep chesnut.
"Mom, stop!" he shouts.
"Sam," she begins in a motherly tone. "I specifically told you to wait in the ha-"
"NO, Mom!" he interrupts. "I don't care what you or your stupid council thinks! You can't just corrupt the Games like this - it's not fair to her or to the people of Panem! What do you think they'd think of their new president if they found out she personally organized the death of a tribute?!"
Paylor's face is as red as my hair when she stands up.
"Fine," she says. Turning to me, she adds "This isn't the last you'll see of me, mark my words." Her attention shifts back to her son, who she grabs by the ear and pulls out the door.
I think about the words she just said, and then it hits me. I can't live. I know for a fact that the voice of a child will have no effect on President Paylor. The last thing she said bounces around inside my skull.
There is no way I'll survive, and who knows who I'll hurt in the process?

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