Post-Mockingjay: The Capitol's Hunger Games

i made this a while ago when i was bored, as you can see. i don't update it much anymore but im editing what i already wrote in a word doc in my spare time, maybe i'll post it on a fanfic website (even though it's a bit cliche :P )
maybe i'll write another chapter eventually.
after i change the last one because it's depressingly rushed, from what i remember.

Chapter 2

The Tributes

by: gingiberi
Effie steps back up to the podium and begins to read the names. Twelve girls who will be thrown into their worst nightmare.
"Rachel Winstead," she pipes.
A freckle-faced girl with short, brown hair stumbles up to the stage. She's in the year behind me at my school, I've seen her around. Effie asks for volunteers, but nobody steps up. It's sad. Rachel walks to the back of the stage. Effie reads the next name. And the next. And the next. Quite frankly, I'm surprised that I haven't been called. They're probably saving me for last.
Close to the end, with three girl tributes remaining, eighteen-year-old Selina Jones gets called. She walks up to the stage confidently, but I can tell she's scared out of her wits. Everyone is.
Members of the crowd murmur. Eighteen-year-olds often win, but there are so few of them in the Capitol right now that it's just been at the back of everyone's mind until the present. Behind me, I hear a whimpering sound. I look back to see a boy of roughly the same age breaking down. It must be her boyfriend.
The next to be called up is someone I know very well.
"Melanie Dewberry"
Several of my friends gasp, and one of them bursts into tears. It's her little sister. If I get chosen now, I won't be able to live with myself if I win.
Melanie is so dumbfounded that she has to be pushed through the crowd of girls. She's only ten, the poor girl! Melanie makes her way to the stage, looking like she'll pass out any moment. My friend, Avery, is so distraught that she doesn't hear Effie asking for volunteers. I want to knock some sense into her, because I know for sure she would take Melanie's place, but I don't, because I'm almost positive that I'll be called next and then I'd have to go up against her.
Melanie joins the other tributes at the back of the stage, too scared to cry. Effie beams as she reads the last name. My name.
Those who don't already know me stifle a giggle at my name. Yes, my first name is Autumn. Yes, my last name is Snow. Autumn Snow. Of course it's hilarious.
My friends let go of my hands and I walk towards the stage. All eyes are on me. President Snow's granddaugher. I shake hands with Effie, who then asks for volunteers, but nobody answers. They were probably forbidden from taking my place, as a punishment to my grandfather. As if it matters! He's already dead - isn't that good enough?!
Now that the girls are chosen, it's on to the boys. Effie pulls out twelve ballots from the crystal ball and begins to read them. I suppose I should be paying attention, but I don't know much of the boys who get called. I've seen them around, but not really known them. A few are in my year, but I don't think any of them have ever been in my class. I notice Selina Jones' boyfriend gets called, which is depressing, but only when my brothers' friend gets called am I really worried. If I get home, I might actually have to run away.
But then, the absolute last tribute that is called is the boy I've liked for the best part of five years.
"Leo Ganache," Effie reads.
Not only is his first name my zodiac, but his last name is a type of icing. That's not all why I like him though... But 'Autumn Ganache' does roll of the tounge quite easily...
Anyway, he walks up to the stage in a manner that looks bold to me, but probably frightened to everyone else. No one volunteers, and he comes to the back of the stage.
"And now a round of applause for the tributes of the 76th and final Hunger Games!" Effie shouts.
A rather unenthusiastic applause follows and the tributes are sent to the justice building.
Yep, I think. This is my life.

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