Bid Me To Wake

Bid Me To Wake

Dreams are endless. Especially when they're nightmares. When they're nightmares, they end up haunting you, and they stick in your mind as you're lying in bed and trying to fall asleep. You fall asleep thinking about them and wondering what'll happen next... so they either happen again, or continue. They can be endless. But when they're nightmares that are really happening to a boy named Shon, he's surprised to find them interceding with his own life. Soon, he's living his own nightmares...

Chapter 1

Nightmare on the First Night

He ran through the halls, his long cloak billowing out behind him. His dark hair faded on the tips to reveal shockingly light green eyes, eyes such a light green they looked white. But as he tripped over a root, his eyes began to glow.
He opened his mouth and his words came out. "You are mine, only mine, and nobody's but mine. I will hunt you... hunt you down. You will all die. Just like... him!"
He jumped up and pulled a large golden dagger out of his cloak, aiming it at the other man's chest. As it soared through is target, the golden shimmer reflecting the silver moon became a bright crimson which now reflected his bright green eyes...
Shon sat straight up in bed, sweat making his sheets slick and his forehead slimy.
"Shon!" his father's voice cried. "You'll miss the bus and I am not driving you to school!"
That's fine, he thought to himself. Whatever happens, as long as I don't fall asleep again...

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