Adrian Mortechelli is going through life with a wall up. No, literally. She has to block her mind, day after day, from thoughts she doesn't want to hear. Her only companion is the full moon, when she can practice her magick in peace. But one day, when a boy named Dassel comes to school, Adrian starts falling hard. When she tries to dabble in dark magick and get him to love her, the spell ends up reversed... and soon, she's completely bound...

Chapter 1

Life Bites

I hate life.
At least, I hated life.
And that is what has made the difference... the little d at the end of hate.
So much can change a word.
Or so little.I live among humans.
They torture me.
"Too bad you're so nerdy," they tease.
"Maybe those looks shouldn't go to waste like that."
But their thoughts are often worse.
She's such an outcast, they think.
They don't know I can hear them.
I wish I couldn't.
I wish I could say that what they don't know
doesn't hurt them,
but I would be lying.
And I don't lie.

... At least, I didn't.

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