Short Stories

I have written A LOT of short stories so now i am sharing them here. I'll be editing a lot for a while it isnt finished ever since all of them will go here. If you have participated in my Jumble Story survey they will go here too.

Chapter 1

Ideal Place

The floor is made of powder white sand, a strip of water in the middle, and shaggy velvety soft faux fur on the other side. The pool in the middle is heated to 80 degrees F. Vines and ropes hang from the ceiling and a hide away is made out of interlocking branches of the tree in the corner. My bed is a cloud and settles amid the vines. My wardrobe is hidden in one of the walls and has all my favorite clothes from when i was younger. One corner is a place for my dog teddy with an obstacle course and treats for him. The other is simba's place his dreamplace and he has his own section on my bed. the remaining two walls, one is a giant TV, the other a digital notebook and drawing pad, with an ipod holder for my music. Lastly on the ceiling the Jersey boys logo with the four seasons.

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