Story Of My Life (girls only)

Story Of My Life (girls only)

So here my new story! The other one will have to wait until the end of skylar in LA and this story! So enjoy and 5 comments p.s. pick is of chloe

Chapter 1

characters, flashback

age: 17
appearance: blonde hair with pink and blue and purple streaks, nose stud (no snake bites) and blue piercing eyes.
height: 5'4
sports: cheerleading (before) skateboarding (now)
she was so happy. she had everythng she wanted. the newest clothes, phone, laptop, ect. and her parents were happy and she was an only child. then her mom got pregnant. and the baby wasnt her dads baby. so her parents divorced and her mom died giving birth to Allie. so now she lives in Laguna Cove in CA with her aunt Gabby.

age: 17
appearance: black hair with blue streaks and snake bites.
height 5'2
Chloes new best friend

age: 2 months
Appearance: blonde hair and blue eyes
chloes baby sis

age: 25
appearance: retired model. brown hair and brown eyes and super skinny
height 5'5
chloes aunt. on her moms side

age 17 1/2
appearence black hair and grey eyes.
height 6'1
likes chloe/ is the new kid

age 17
appearance: blonde hair, green eyes
height: 5'11
C.J.'s best friend

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