Leave Me Alone

This story was origanialy written by Writer101 and I so u probally allready heard it.

Chapter 1

Sandy thinks she's a pretty girl

That first day was like any other.
The summer sun beat down on me mercilessly as I walked from the school to my house.
I was less than a mile away and I was sweating like a pig.
When I rounded the corner, I saw my mother's car in the driveway as always. I cut aross the lawn quickly; pulling my bag close to my side.
I opened the front door and closed it silently.
Then, I tip-toed to the kitchen and waited around the corner.
"Nice try, sweetheart." my mother said as she rounded the same corner I was crouched beside.
"Aren't you getting a bit old to be playing that game?" she added with a smile.
I pulled her into a hug.
"Nope," I said nonchalantly.
She reached over to ruffled my hair.
"You got mail today."
Surprise flickered across my features and I raised my eyebrows.
"Mail for me?"
"Well, it says your name on it. There's no return address though."
I barely heard her.
"It's probably the school or a friend or something." I rambled; turning to the stairs. "Thanks, mom."
She wiped her hands on the dish towel in her hands.
"Your welcome." she through behind her.
I did not hear her.
I counted to ten slowly after closing my door and then tore open the envelope.
The letter was folded three times perfectly.
As soon as my eyes rested on the first line my heart seemed to stop.
I froze and I wished I hadn't gotten mail at all.

Sandy thinks she's a pretty girl. Sandy has it wrong. Sandy needs to keep to herself. Sandy's life will end soon...

I continued reading.

Sandy thinks she's smart... Sandy doesn't know anything.

The letter ended with a swift: I loved Sandy once, but then she broke my heart. She didn't know me... Sandy is going to die. Sandy is going to die.

For a moment, cold fear wrapped itself around me. Then I thought about my friends.
Maybe they were playing a joke on me.
I glanced back at the letter.
They were tapped or glued meticulously to the paper and clearly cut out from different magazines.
My hands shook so much as I began reading it agian that I could not finish.
I dropped the paper and looked around me.
I took a deep breath.
Everything is going to be okay. I thought to myself silently. It's just a stupid prank.

Those were the beginning thoughts running through my mind that first day. It was just a joke meant to scare me, but do jokes go on for months? The same continuous joke?

The next day, I awoke for school earlier than usual. I stared at my alarm clock until it rang.
I hit the off button and rose.
I had slept without a single dream to enchant me.
My mother was already awake; screaming into her phone that she'd specifically ordered blue curtains for her office, not green.
"What kind of service is that? I can have your buisness closed in the blink of an eye! SEND WHAT I ORDERED."
She hung up and sighed.
"So, what was that letter about last night?"
I took a moment to think about my response.
My mom would freak out if she knew the truth and so I went with a tiny, baby lie.
"It was a love letter from a guy."
"Who?" my mother squeeled.
She was like a teenage girl in an adult body.
"It was from a secret admirer." I said, "I have no idea."
She opened her mouth to say something else but her phone went off and she glanced down.
"Oh my! I'm going to be late. Not that it matters," she added cheerfully, "I'm the boss! Love you!"
She headed to the door and grumbled under her breath as she stared down at her phone.
I laughed as soon as she closed the door.
Ding... Ding.... Ding...
I pulled my phone out of my pocket.
I had a new text message but it was from a "Private Number."
When I opened it, my eyes widened and my smile faded.
Sandy thought she was a pretty girl... She was wrong.
I didn't even bother eating breakfast.
I stuffed my phone in my bag and ran out the door.
It's just a joke. I told myself.
My heart raced the whole way there.
"Omigosh! Sandy, new guy and he's totally hot!"
Megan pointed in the direction of the office.
I followed her finger.
Momentarily, I forgot all about the letter and the text message.
"They say his name is Mark." she squeeled.
I took my time looking at him.
His hair was a sandy brown and it had something of a shaggy look.
His band t-shirt was skin tight; revealing muscles guys would kill to have and girls would kill to touch.
He was wearing jeans which seemed odd to me.
Summer had just begun and it was extremely hot.
"Do you think he needs help?" I asked.
"Sandy Brooke," the principal bellowed.
Several heads turned my way including Marks.
"Lucky duck!" Megan whispered before pushing me forward.
I sighed and headed confidently towards the principal.
"This is Mark Summers."
Wow, go figure...
"He's from Texas," Dr.Freidman continued, "I'd like you to show him around, walk him to each class. It shouldn't be a problem since you both have the same schedule."
I nodded.
"Okay I can do that."
I looked up at Mark for a moment.
His eyes were a beautiful light green.
"Great," the principal said before turning back to Mark, "I hope you have a wonderful first day."
"Locker first. Did they give you a sheet?"
He handed me a pink slip.
"You're all the way across the school, great. I'm Sandy by the way."
"Mark, but I think you already knew that."
His voice came as a suprise. It held a soft southern drawl.
"Yeah, news travels fast here."
I sighed.
This was going to be a long day...

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