Girl Cronicles- Justin bieber

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Lost Without You

I drift off into my own world with him. It was so passionate it was if we were the only two people on the beach. His lips were so soft and tasted like recenly eaten sour patch kids. I completely lost myself in the moment.

"I'm sorry i dont usually kiss people randomly. It's just that as soon as I saw u i felt like i've known u forever... The way u smiled and your laugh... I was hooked" the life guard said.

"Its fine um... would u like to go to the Boardwalk tomorow??... U know with me??" I replied

"Absolutely... wait shouldn't u know my name??" he said

"Oh yeah duh."

"It's Justin, Justin Bieber"

"Im ___-" (He cuts u off in mid name)

"your name is ____ i already saw on the bottom of ur bikini" he begins to blush.

"Hahahaha wow okay 6 pm we'll eat dinner and watch the sunset together."


He walks away and me and Jazzy smile and start squeling. "Omg he is so cute!!!!" I say excited.

"Mmm hmm and his bacside is lookin good too!!!" she says pervertedly.

"But we have to go shopping for the perfect dress and shoes"

"Aite lets go!!!"

We hop in our porsche and drive off. We arrive at the mall and we see all these amazing stores. Hot Topic, Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Rousse, Spencers, and more are surrounding us in a semi circle. The perfect place to get a dress is definately Wet seal. It's girly yet not too girly. We enter Wet Seal and begin looking everywhere for something absolutely perfect. (shopping montage)

In section 5 i find the most perfect dress. It's an aqua blue and white halter dress with your whole back out. It flows all the way to your ancles. It's absolutely perfect!! I grabbed some white flipflops next to you and run into the try-ons. I come out looking perfect. It even mathces my white bathing suit to wear under and everything. I swiped my credi card and me and Jazzy skipped to Mani, Pedi, and More store. All of a sudden i bumped into this guy and go tumbling to the floor. I picked my self up off the floor and screamed "WHAT THE HECK IS UR PROBLEM U DOUCHE BAG!!!!!!!". The dude stands up and says "Sorry my b".

I took a closer look at him and realizes it's my ex David. My heart begins to skip various beats. He smiles and says "well aren't u a sight for sore eyes i haven't seen u since u left". He grabs my arm tightly and pulls me into him and says "Aren't u gunna give me a hug??". I suddenly have a horrible flash back to last summer. Him grabbing me and shaking me and yelling. Tears running down my face. Then i finally remember where I was and come back to earth.

He whispers into my ear "Look ive been getting some help with my temper and I'm sorry I've changed". I yank my arm away from him and Jazzy says "Come on ___ not this loser again u don't listen to whatever he says". We walk away diligently even though i can feel his eyes on me watching my every move. Jazzy and I said nothing about what just happened untill we get to Mani, Pedi, and More. "That guy is absolutely despicable I can't belive he"....


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