Fire & Ice (A Death Eater/Bloodtraitor LOVE Story)

Warning: This one might have some spoilers from the seventh book. I'll probably change some things but if you haven't read it yet and don't want to find out stuff, BEWARE!

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Chapter 25

~The End~

"Now go, do what you were raised to do Thysia," my mother commands.
My mind is in a fog. Feet that feel as though they are no longer mine carry me towards the castle. As I get closer I can hear screams and shouts. A part of the wall I'm by crumbles, nearly crushing me.
This should scare me, but I feel as though it's happening to someone else. I am indifferent. There is only one thing I'm worried about, defeating the people who are trying to take the castle from my master. As I'm surveying the damage I notice a tall man who looks somewhat like Albus Dumbledore. He's limping out of the wreckage and doesn't look like much of a threat. I can just leave him.
But no, my arm has other plans. It raises my wand and before I can stop myself I'm stunning the man. Why did I do that?
Because I must. It's what's best. This is the right way. I'm helping my master purge this school of mudbloods and traitors.
Mudbloods and traitors? What am I doing? I've been acting like the mudbloods and traitors!
I was misguided. Now I have seen the light and my master and I will be reconciled as we join in this new regime of power and higher status.
I push any doubtful thoughts out of my head and try to determine what my beat approach will be now. Loud screams are coming from an open door, so I slip inside and head towards the noise.
I walk briskly down the corridor, pausing only when a tall woman with a large hat and spectacles stands in my way. Minerva McGonagall. "Thysia Lestrange?" She sounds confused.
"Well who else would it be?" I demand before shooting a curse that sends her falling back onto the stone floor. I hurry past, not waiting to see if she's knocked out or not.
The next person I encounter is Horace Slughorn. He sees me walking up, nods, and dashes off down another corridor.
Why are they so frightened?
Because I am powerful. Yes, powerful and dangerous. They should fear me.
Why do I want them to?
I pause and for a moment everything becomes clear and focused. Then the haze overtakes me once again.

I'm supposed to return to the forest. That's what the Dark Lord said. He's giving the filth one hour. My Lord is merciful.
But something, I dont know what, is keeping me here in the castle. I feel myself being held here. But why?
Well surely I'll find out.
I wander aimlessly through the halls, sometimes happening upon a body or a small huddle of shell-shocked fighters. No one stops to ask me what I'm doing here, which is good since I don't know myself.
And then, I see him. Ronald Weasley. A bloodtraitor and enemy to my master. I haven't attacked anyone since he called us off. But surely he wouldn't mind if I picked off just one more worthless bloodtraitor?
Yes. And I'll be rewarded.
No. I can't.
He sees me. I'll pay for my hesitation. "Thysia!" he gasps. I realize with small pleasure that he looks as though he's been crying.
I wonder what's wrong.
It doesn't matter what's wrong.
"Thysia, it's me. Ron. Why are you looking at me like that? What's gotten into you? How'd you get here? I thought you were hiding!"
"Shut up!" I demand, pointing my wand at him. Ron holds his hands up in the air, a bewildered expression on his face.
I'm so close...
I could kill him now... "No!" I scream, clutching my head. My wand falls from my grasp and I kneel on the cold stone floor, fighting away the Imperious curse's prescence. "No! No, no, no!"
Ron is watching me from a few feet away, probably contemplating whether it's safe for him to approach me or not.
My arm begins to burn as well as my head.
"You want to be a bloodtraitor?" I hear the Dark Lord speaking in my head. You want to be slaughtered along with the rest? So be it."
I take great, heaving gasps, trying to catch my breath. Ron is at my side now, patting my back and whispering soothing words. "I'm... I'm sorry," I choke out as he gathers me into his arms.
"It's fine. I'm kind of getting used to death threats," Ron tells me, stroking my hair. "But what's happened? How'd you get here? And why were you just rolling on the floor?"
I relay the whole tale, starting from when Voldemort began communicating with me when I was in the lake.
"Bloody Hell," Ron says once I've finished. "I guess we've all had a bad day."
I roll my eyes. " Yes Ronald. This definitely isn't a good day. Where's Harry? Did you guys kill the Horcrux? Did you find your family?"
At the mention of his family a light leaves Ron's eyes. "Fred... Fred was killed." A small sob escapes from his mouth. Now it's my turn to be comforting.
"Sorry," I mumble, putting my arms around him. I haven't had much practice with being sentimental and I feel as though I'm not doing good enough. "I'm not really the right person to comfort you."
Ron looks into my eyes. "You are most definitely the right person."
I kiss him. And I try to put a lot of unsaid things into that kiss. How much he means to me and how thankful I am for how he's saved me time and time again. I think he understands because he responds with just as much enthusiasm.
"Hey! Ron!" I hear someone call out. We pull away and I see Hermione hurrying towards us. Darn mudblood barging in on us... "Thysia! You're alright!" I'm surprised by the look of relief she has on her face. Has Granger actually grown to care about me?
"So are you," I say with a nod of approval .
Ron shakes his head in disbelief. "She isn't very good with words Hermione, so you'll have to excuse her. She's really happy to see you though."
"I don't think we need a translator Ronald," I growl, my eyes narrowing.
Hermione gives us a small smile before she seems to remember whatever it was she was going to tell us. The grin disappears. "Have you seen Harry?"
Ron shakes his head. "I thought he was with you!"
"I didn't pass anyone on my way here," I tell her. Surely Harry wouldn't give himself up. Why would anyone do that?
A few tears fall from Hermione's cheeks onto her lap. "He's gone. He went to him Ron."
"He didn't. He's mad but not that mad Hermione. He's probably just... with Ginny!" A small spark of hope. We hurry through the halls in search of the Chosen One, Ron grasping tightly to my hand all the while.
But after our search doesn't turn up anything Hermione decides to think the worst. "He's gone Ron. I'm sure of it. No don't argue Thysia."
I shake my head. "Why would he do that?"
"To save us. To save everyone else. You know Harry, how he hates us risking everything for him."
"If the Dark Lord has him we'll know soon enough," I say. "That's not something he's going to keep quiet about."
A huge feeling of tension and apprehension has filled the castle. I almost wish the fighting would start again, then at least we'd have something to do besides sit around and wait. A few seventh year Ravenclaws shuffle past us. I hear one sniffle. Who have they lost tonight?
Who will I lose?

"Oi! Look!" Neville Longbottom calls from his lookout place at a window. Everyone seems to stand and rush over all at once. Outside there is a large mass moving towards us. Even from here I can hear the unmistakable cackle of my mother.
"It's them," I say grimly. Everyone brandishes their wands and we head down to meet what I can't help but think will be our demise.
Before we go out, Ron pulls me aside. "You're not going to join them are you?" he asks me.
I shake my head. "I think it's safe to say that while we may not see eye-to-eye on everything, I'm about as big of a bloodtraitor as you are now."
Ron grins and kisses me, "For luck."
"Well I'm certainly going to need a lot of that," I mutter as we join the group.
The large crowd stops and then we see why they haven't attacked yet. Right up front is a bound Hagrid. And he's holding a still, lifeless body.
Any hope I had of making it through this disappears. The woman I attacked earlier screams in anguish. Hermione is openly crying and Ron's grip on my hand is so tight I'm worried he's going to snap it off. The Chosen One is dead. Harry Potter is gone.
"Your hero is dead," the Dark Lord announces. He gives us a speech on how he is merciful and asks for followers. Then his eyes rest on me. "Thysia Lestrange. Only a month ago I counted you as one of my loyal followers. Come back and we'll make a new way together."
I force myself to hold my resolve. "You're wrong," I say strongly. "You're wrong My L... Vol... Voldemort." I choke out his name and Ron gasps. It's such an inappropriate time to smile, but I feel one creeping up on my lips. That felt so good to say. "You're wrong Voldemort. We'll keep fighting whether Harry is here or not. And nothing you say or do will stop us."
"Fool!" my mother screeches. She holds her wand up to hit me but someone steps in front to shield me. The Dark Lord stops her, a curious expression on his face. I get a glance and see the boy in front of me is Neville.
"And you, who are you?" Voldemort addresses Longbottom.
My mother laughs. "It's the Longbottom boy my lord."
"Oh but you're a pureblood aren't you my boy?"
Neville glares at the Death Eaters. "A lot purer than any of you I'd say. I'll join you when Hell freezes over. Dumbledore's Army!"
The crowd erupts in cheers but we're quickly silenced as a hat flies through a window and onto Neville's head. The Sorting Hat. "There will be no more sorting at Hogwarts," Voldemort says as the hat erupts into flames. Neville is rooted to the spot.
I fight against the charm holding me here, as I'm sure everyone else is too. I can't say who breaks it first, but soon enough all of us are thundering towards the Death Eaters. We won't be going down without a fight.
In all of the confusion I hear someone yell that Neville's killed a snake. Hagrid is stomping around yelling for Harry. Why would he yell for Harry? I must not be able to hear properly, it's so loud.
A curse shoots right past my face, almost hitting my nose. I turn and see my mother running away, pursued by three other people. I join in the chase. I have a bit of a score to settle with my mother.
But another Death Eater blocks my path. Fenrir Greyback. He has a large gash on his head like he's been hit by something glass and it's cut him. "Hello there," he snarls. I shoot a curse but he easily dodges it. With a great lunge Greyback is on top of me, trying to bite at my throat. There's a loud bang and he flies off of me, hits the wall, and crumples to the ground. I get up and turn to see my savior. Ron.
"Nobody's going to touch you when I'm around."
"How chivalrous," I say with a small snort. A few tears escape and run down my face.
"Hey, we're going to finish this," Ron tells me, kissing away the tears. "Come on."
I follow him to the Great Hall, where most of the fighting is taking place. I see my mother and run towards her, but I'm too late. A curse from Ron's mom hits her right in the chest. Our eyes lock for a moment before she falls to the floor. Dead.
I feel a small pang. Of what? Regret? Sadness? Relief? I'm not sure.
"Harry?" I hear Ron whisper. Then he shouts it. "Harry!" I turn to see what he's staring at and gasp.
Harry Potter is dueling Voldemort. But how? I don't care how. It's hard to care about anything but the duel that's taking place before me. Harry and the Dark Lord circle and Harry's saying something that I can't hear over the rest of the crowd. But I do hear the spells shouted at the sane time.
"Avada Kedavra!"
And as suddenly as it's begun, it's over.
Voldemort falls backward, his wand falling from his hand. A small look of disbelief and terror on his face. The man who shaped my life got years, the evil twisted soul that I first followed and then defied is no more.
We all press in, screaming and laughing, rushing towards the Boy Who Lived. The Chosen One. The one who finally ended it all.
I feel a hand on my arm and turn. Ron's pulling me away from the crowd and and I follow, not questioning.
"I think we'll have plenty of time to talk to him. Let's let them have their moment," he says to me. I nod in agreement. "It's funny," Ron continues. "It's over and all I feel is tired."
I smile. "Then rest. I'll be here when you wake up."
He grins weakly. "You won't disappear again will you?"
I shake my head. "I'm through running."
Ron takes my hand and kisses me slowly. "Good. Because to be completely honest I'm tired of chasing you."
I laugh as he pulls me in for a hug. We've been through so much, first as enemies and then together. It's hard to process it all. I know I'll have difficulties and some habits are hard to break. I'm not sure where I'll fit in in this new, bright world. But I do know that Ron will be with me and together we'll find our place.
But not today. Not right now.
For now, all I want is a kiss.

The End

Thanks so much for the support with this story! You guys are amazing! Thanks for sticking through until the end :)
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