Battle Begins - Angel vs Angel - Rise Of The Darkness

Battle Begins - Angel vs Angel - Rise Of The Darkness

Me and ILoveJune (Itachi27) will be writting this together. Angels vs Dark Angels. Who will win? I hope you like it. Please comment and rate.

Chapter 1

Good Girl Gone Bad

Elmirossa sat in her throne smilling devilishly at her praising Angels. "Rise my minions!" She commanded in a booming voice. The Dark Angels stood as did Elmirossa. "Tonight, we shall celebrate! As the Angels fall to their knees and the Dark Angels shall rise again!" Her minions cheered at this. Elmirossa sat back down on her throne. Her black vulture-like wings ruffled as they rubbed against her throne.

Their palace, or should I say dungeon, towered over New York City. The large pattio gave a perfect veiw. Elmiross smiled at herself as another one of her minions fanned her. Her onyx hair blew with each gust of wind. Her eyes were a light gray. black eyeliner and dark purple eye shadow made them stand out. Her black lips were smilling. For she already had a Dark Angel doing her dirty work. They were all under her spell. No Angel can break it. If pure or evil none can sustain her power. Any of them who double cross her turn into mere mortals. Such a sad ending, don't you think?

Down below Rina, another Dark Angel, was setting up the plan. She was pretending to be a simple highschooler. Black hair covered half of her face. One topaz eye showed. The peircing on her navol was shown as she walked down the halls wearing black holey leggings, a red and black knee-length checkerboard skirt, and a half ripped tee. Her buble gum popped with each step she took in her chained knee-high boots.

Yes, she was a badazz. The trouble maker of the school. No one hated her. No one liked her. She was just there. Rina opened her locker and gagged at what she had seen. a little halo wearing white winged bobble head angel. Oh, how this disgusted her. She pulled it out by the tips of her thumb and index finger before throwing it into a nearby garbage.

The janitor gave her a stern look. She made a loud popping noise with her gum before giving him a murderous glare. The janitor shivered at the sight and went back to picking up rotten apples and old teen magazines. Rina grabbed her Biology text book and slammed her locker shut before locking it. When she did that, Rina trotted her way to Biology class. A room full of filthy mortals. Great. She thought bitterly, making a face.

A Guardian Angel had watched the scene quietly. Mark sighed. His teal eyes softened. Rina was his twin sister before she joined the dark side. It was merely weeks before the final exams of officially being a Guardian Angel. Rina backed out saying she wouldn't be good enought. Mark passed. He gained powers unreadable to the human eye or wizards.

He saw the darkness in Rina and became distant. Before Rina had no peircings or wore black. Only white. The darkness in Rina grew bigger each day. Mark knew he was losing her, but still didn't tell anybody. Now, even in the present, the Guardian Angels still don't know.


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