A Supernatural Love (A Supernatural love story)

A Supernatural Love (A Supernatural love story)

Well, here goes nothing. I hope you guys like it. it's my first one.
ur name: Angelica Shepard
age: 25
look: long straight black hair, green eyes
ur sister
name: Buffy Shepard
age: 21
look: shoulder length straight blonde hair, hazel eyes, taller than you.
There will also be another person in my story but she will come in later. With a guy.

Chapter 1

The Beginning

I'm running from who knows what when something grabs my foot. I trip and fall. 'This is just like the movies' i thought. then, someone stands over me and stabs a knife into the person chasing me. There is some kind of strange light and then i hear a scream from the person and then he drops dead. The stranger picks me up and i could see his face. He had short hair and a cute smile. Someone yelled "Dean!" and the guy holding me ran. he stopped and grabbed me by the arm and told me to run. I looked back and there were a million of people chasing us. It looked like they had some kind of disease. Then one grabbed my arm and and bit me.
i woke up and i saw my puppy, Pepper, chewing on my arm. "Stop it, Pepper!" i yelled. Buffy, my sister, comes in without even knocking and said "Something's wrong with Mom and Dad!" I get out of bed and, still in my pajamas, hurry to my mom and dad's room. I opened the door and screamed. My dad had blood all over him and was still alive. I saw blood coming out of his chest and legs. "Go call 911!! Hurry, Buffy!" i said to my sister and she left. "Angel." my dad said. "yes, Dad?" i said through my tears. "Take care.. of....Buffy..." and that was all he said. ten minutes later, the police came in and i was still crying. Then Buffy said, "Where's Mom? She was there before i came to get you, Angel." "What do you mean, Buffy?" "I woke up and herd a scream so i went to check it out and i saw mom push dad against the wall and that's when i went to get you." she said and then she started to cry. even though she is taller than me, i was still the big sister. I told her not to worry and then the police said she was just imagining things. Then, i got an idea. i went to my phone and called the only person i knew who knew about stuff like this. He and i went to collage before he left and never came back. His name was Sam Winchester. He was my sisters height and was her age too. I gave him a call and he picked up. "Hello?" "Sam, is that you?" "Angelica?" "Yes, look I need your help." "With what?" "With what you do best." "I'm on my way." and then he hung up.
It took them two days to get here and when they did, i greeted Sam with a hug and someone said, "Hi. I'm Dean. Sam's brother." dean? That name sounded familiar to me but i couldn't put my finger on it. "Hi, Dean. I'm Angelica but you can call me Angel. And this is my sister, Buffy. Anyway, Buffy tell them what you saw." "I woke up to get something to drink when i herd a scream. I hurried to find out were it came from and then it happened again. i opened my mom and dad's room and that's when i saw my mom push my dad against the wall. But she didn't move. It's like she did it with her mind. Then he started to bleed and that's when i got Angel. Then she called you"
"Well it's good that you called us. Can we see the room?" "Of course, Dean. Let me show you the way." and i lead him up the stairs to my parent's room. He looked around and said something. He went back to Sam and they said something. I could only catch two words: Demon and sulfur. "What did you say?" i asked them. "Should we tell them?" "yea, tell them Dean. they deserve to know." "We think your mom was possessed by a demon." "A demon?" Buffy asked. "Yes, a demon. We found sulfur and that's what demons leave when the have been somewhere." "Really? I didn't think that they were real." i said. My mom was possessed by a demon but why?

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