100 things not to do with the Winchesters

Just a few funny stories

Chapter 1

Do not walk in on the brothers takin a shower together

by: babyshady
1. Since you started with them they had a relationship. Do not walk in on the after hunt "relations". Dean will chase you and you will end up in a hospital.

"Guys I'm back from the Justin bieber movie,thanks for helping the theatre so I can get free tickets!" usually Sam answers me but now I hear a faint moaning noise. "guys!guys. Oh!let me check in the bathroom one of them always takes a shower after hunts!holy incestuous relations batman!" all I saw was the both of them in mid coitos."what in the hello kitty is going on here." "see when 2 adults...""no that's not what I meant! Dean! When in the h e bendy straws were you gonna tell me!" "Kim I didn't think you'd wanna know since Axel-your alter ego doesn't like hearing about stuff like this!" and he got in only his jeans and Chased me out the room to beat me with a crowbar and put a timberland print to my face. "now you know to stay the hello kitty away from our relationship"


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