Justin bieber? dude. no. (girls only)(part 1)

Justin bieber? dude. no. (girls only)(part 1)

yay! 3 comments plz :) and ideas are appreciated!
~~ Kat :D
name: Paige Olivia Stone
age: 16
family: mom (carry) dad (john)
sis (missy) bro (Jason)
best friend: Hunter Lucille Hernandez (lucy)

Chapter 1

Happy Birthday Missy!

"AHHHHH!" i screamed as my alarm clock went off blaring 21 guns by green day. this is one of my favorite songs. i sat staright up. my long black hair was all in my face and breathing was heavy. i slapped my alarm clock and fell back in my bed and put my pillow over my face. "PAIGE! GUESS WHAT TODAY IS???" missy screamed in my face. missy was my sister. "hmm, is it easter? no that was 2 months ago. um, OH YEAH! it's Jason's girlfriends cousins best friends husbands Uncles kids dogs death day or something right?" i asked. she just laughed at me. "no it's my 14th birthday!!! ohmigosh i'm so happy right now. come on we are going out for lunch!" she screamed. lunch? oh its 11. oops. good thing it's summer thats all i can say! i got up and showered. i put on a pair of jean shorts and a purple tank. i grabbed my purple supras and went downstairs. we went out to Missy's favorite restaurant, the Purple Dragon, it's a really good and expensive chinese food place. chinese food was missy's and mine favorite food. we went home and we let Missy open her presents.
missy was really pretty, she looked exactly like annsophia robb. it was so unfair how beautiful she was. she was opening her present from me. Missy was a total die hard Justin Bieber fan. i had gotten her a hat, a shirt, a bracelet, and a necklace that were all about justin bieber. she like tackled me and said thank you about a thousand times. the next present was from mom, dad, and Jason. she opened it and it was Justin Bieber front row/backstage passes. she screamed for about 5 minutes straight. she ran up stairs and called all of her friends to tell them she was going to Justin Biebers concert. i laughed. "not it" mom and dad said. "not it" jason said. "wait what? i'm confused." i said. "you have to take Missy to the concert tonight. sucks for you!" jason said and left the room. "WHAT!? MOM!? DAD!? NO WAY!" i said. they just whispered "sorry sweety" and left the room. i went upstairs and called Lucy my best friend. Lucy wasn't her real name. it was Hunter Lucille Hernandez. but i called her Lucy for short. i called her and vented to her for almost an hour. then Missy can Bursting into my room and screamed at the top of her lungs. i stared at her like she was some poisonous caged monkey or something. "um, Lucy i have to go. see you tomorrow." i said and hung up. "OHMIGOSH! OHMIGOSH! OHMIGOSH! I'M GONNA BE IN THE SAME ROOM AS JUSTIN BIEBER! I'M GONNA BE FRONT ROW! WHAT IF HE ACTUALLY LOOKS AT ME!? WHAT IF HE .......gasps ......SMILES OR WINKS AT ME?! OH-MI-GOSH!" she screamed and collapsed on my bed. "well go get ready we are leaving in an hour and i'm taking you." i said. she screamed one more time and left. i went to go redo my hair. i curled it and put on my red NY hat. i put on some light make up and got dressed. i grabbed my phone and credit card and put them in the back pocket of my shorts. i said goodbye to my parents and walked out the door. all of a sudden Missy came out of the house wearing the outfit i gave her earlier and i was shocked. she looked amazing and scary. like a justin bieber clonette. (outfits : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=28204572) we drove for an hour and then we stopped and got some chick-fil-a for dinner. we got to the concert and got in. we took our seats. we weren't supposed to go back stage until after the show. the whole time i was texting Lucy. i was standing and dancing to a few of his songs. i hate him, but his music is okay. all of a sudden some lady came up to me. "honey come with me please. just you" she said. i told Missy i'd be right back but she was so obsorbed in Justin's performance that she didnt care at all. i walked with the lady and i realized what was going on i stopped dead in my tracks. "wait a minute. why are we going backstage?" i asked. "you're the one less lonely girl." she said. "i'm what?? NO WAY!" i said. "justina asked for you." she said. "ugh! no! there is no way i'm going out there so that fake auto tuned excuse for a man can sing to me and give me flowers." i said. but it was too late she was already pushing out onto stage "NO!" i yelled but there someone dragging me onto stage. i walked to the stool and sat down. he sang to me and gave me flowers. then i stood up and left. i walked back to my seat and told Missy she could have my flowers. there was no way i was gonna keep them, especially since today was missy's birthday, so i said she could have them. i walked out and towards the bathroom to tell Lucy what happened.
~ Phone Conco ~
L: CHILL! at least you got free flowers.
M: ew no, i gave them to Missy. she was happy because "justin bieber touched these! ohemgee!" i said in mock tone of missy.
L: laughs nice. well i have to go because tommy is trying to shove crayons up his nose, and Lucas is gonna be here any minute. luv ya! bye!
m: bye
~ end of phone convo ~ by the time i got back to my seat the concert was ending and Missy was bugging me to go backstage now. oh crap. i forgot about the backstage passes. i sighed and we grabbed our stuff. we went backstage and we saw Justin drinking some water and talking to his voice coach. he looked past her and saw me and spit water all over his voice coach. oops. his eyes went wide and he started laughing and i started laughing and Missy.....well missy was trying not to scream/faint/pee herself. he got a towel and his voice coach left, while trying to dry herself off. "that was smooth" i said as i calmed down from my laughter. "yeah. tell me about it. she will probably lecture me about it tomorrow but whatever." he said. "so what's your names?" he asked us. "i'm Paige, and this is my sister Missy. today is her birthday." i said. he smiled. "how old are you, missy?" Justin asked her. "fourteen" she said. "happy birthday!" he said and hugged her. "how old are you, paige?" he asked. "16." i said. he smiled and hugged me too. we got pictures with Justin. he wanted one with just me, but missy had to push me (literally) so i would. "i like your hat paige. i have on identical to it." he said and i just nodded. it was almost 11. "we have to get going. we have to be home by 1 and it takes an hour to get home." i said. "wait. i'm in town for a few months, and i would really like to hang out with you guys if you want to." he said. the whole time he said that he was watching me. "ohmigosh! yes!!! we would so love that right paige?" she gave me a stern look. "um, yeah, whatever. great." i said. oh crap. tomorrow should be interesting....................


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