Fireworks (A JB love story)

Fireworks (A JB love story)

Hello fellow Beliebers! I wrote this story, because I love Justin Bieber, and I think that's kinda obvious, but oh well! Anyway, I hope you like this story! I have a bunch of other stories out there too, so if you don't read any of those alreay, you should read some of them. Thanks! Hope you like it. :D ~Abby

Chapter 1

American Idol

"This is it." I whispered to myself as Ryan Seacrest opened the big double doors in front of me. I smoothed out the number taped to my grey blue tanktop and set myself at the feet of the judges.

This weeks guest judge turned out to be none other than the 'fantastic (note sarcasm) Justin Bieber. Woo hoo. "What's your name sweetie?" Jennifer asked. "Jade Cambell." I said strongly. "And how old are you?" Justin asked me. "16."I answered, not looking in his direction. "What will you be singing?" Randy asked. "Grenade, by Bruno Mars." I told him, and he gave me the go.

*Justin's P.O.V*

This girl named Jade was up next while I was guest judging in Atlanta, close to home. She was gorgeous. She had piercing grey eyes that corresponded with her shirt perfectly. He hair was a silky black that flowed flawlessly down her back. And to top it all off, she had an amazing voice. She hit every note perfectly and made some good changes of her own. When she was finished singing, everyone pulled together to deliberate. "I really want to sign her." I told them, interupting their babbling. "Are you sure about that, dawg?" Randy asked me. "I'm sure." I replied confidently. We pulled away.

"I'm sorry Jade, but you didn't make it." Steven told her, and her beautiful face fell from the smile I thought it had permanently been in. "But," I stood up to emphasize my words, "I would like to sign you." I said to her, and her face radiated joy. "Are you serious?" she asked, the smile back on her face. "Yes. You have an amazing gift, Jade." I told her honestly, grinning. "Thank you so much!" she said, walking towards me, but then stopping. I opened my arms showing her thatt she could and she gave me a quick excited hug. I could feel fireworks go off when she was in my arms, and I didn't want to let go, but she pulled away.

*Jade's P.O.V*

I can't believe I got signed! I was jumping for joy, but decided to prank my family. "Can you do something for me?" I asked Justin. He nodded his head and I whispered my plan in his ear. He smiled and I put on a heartbroken face. I walked out of the room and everyone looked at me. "I didn't make it." I said, pretending to hold back tears. While I was being hugged, Justin poked his head out and said, "So Jade, when should we start recording?" My family caught on quickly and squealed with joy.. I was given hugs once more, then Justin and I exchanged numbers so that we coiuld get together.

It's been a week since My audition for American Idol. Today I was meeting Justin's mom and manager so we could start recording. I was wearing a pair of ripped jean short shorts and a sparkly white tanktop that made my hair and eyes pop. My hair was down and starightened with a purple New York Yankees (My home town) hat sittingon my head (outfit; I checked my makeup once more, even though I don't like him, and then walked downstairs.

"I"m going to meet Justin, Mom!" I shouted as I grabbed my keys off of the kitchen counter. "Okay sweetie! I'll see you later!" She called from the laundry room. I walked out the front door and down the sidewalk to my 1976 bumblee bee camaro. I storked the glossy hood once and then opened the drivers side door with a squeak. I plopped down on the sear and turned the ignition a couple times, waiting for it to start. When the ignition caught, I slowly pulled out of the long driveway and headed down the highway to the address that Justin had teaxted me.

A/N: I've been writing this story in a notebook and thoought I should post it so tell me what you think! I'll have more chapters up for my other stories soon! Comment and rate pwez!!

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