Slythindor~A Draco Malfoy Love Story

Kendra Mandana Dippet (great- great grandaughter of the Hogwarts Headmaster Armondo Dippet) is a Gryffindor. Draco Malfoy is, of course, a slytherin. Of course they naturally hate each other, but beyond that, underneath the colors and severed ties of their there something better? Greater? :) You'll have to find out ;)

Chapter 1

An accident!

I'm sitting next to Harry in the Great Hall, talking across the table to my best friend Ginny Weasley. I'm a Gryffindor in her year, so we're very close, almost like sisters.
"What's malfoy up to now?" I hear Ron ask, shooting daggers across the hall at Draco Malfoy, who was getting up from the Slytherin House table and strutting out of the Hall.
"I dunno," Harry says, but turns back to his food without another word. Ron does too, but I remember I have a homework assignment I hadn't finished yet.
"I'll see you lot later," I tell Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, and Ginny. They all mumble good nights as I stand up from our table and walk lightly out into the Entrance Hall. But as make my way up the marble staircase, I forget to jump on the trick stair. My leg catches in it and sinks. "Merlin's beard! I'll never make it out on my own in time to get started in a quiet common room-" I think.
"Need some help?" A cold voice says above me, and I look up to see the tall, slim, evil figure of Draco Malfoy.
"Like I need YOUR help!!!" I hiss.
"Like I was gonna give it to you," His voice falters tho, and he looks slightly hurt.
"Ugh. Can you just get me out? I have Transfiguration homework, you know."
"Fine." Malfoy, with surprising strength, grips my arms firmly and pulls me out of the stair, but perhaps with too much strength. We both fall down a few steps and I land on Draco's left arm. It looks broken.
"I'm sorry!" I get up quickly and offer him my hand. "It looks broken."
"No worries."
I freeze. Draco was a slytherin. He was nasty to the Gryffindors, he always had been. But now, his voice was surprisingly warm and gentle. I wonder if this is a trap or prank, but Draco seems just as surprised as I am.
" I'll fix your arm." I say slowly, watching his every move.
"Thanks." He allows me to lift his arm, wincing. I pull out my white Hazelwood wand and mutter the incantation. Remarkably, for the first time in all the occasions I'd tried it, the spell works perfectly and heals his arm.
" I know." I say without thinking. "I's never worked that way before...except on noses though. My sisters are pretty violent."
Draco laughs but not in a sneery, maniac way. A warm, fond, hansome way. I look into his gray eyes and chew on the side of my cheek. Something was definitely wrong here.
The crowd from dinner began rushing in, staring at us, where I realized we were still on the floor, looking intently into each other's eyes.
"Er...And stay away, Ferret Boy! Next time you try to jinx me, I'll curse you into last week!" I shout, scrambling to get up and put on my death face.
"Uh..Whatever! Like I could care less what a filthy Half-Blood does!" He strugles to keep his regular smirk on his face, his nose trying to hard to turn up like it usually does. I begin to turn but wink when people begin moving again.

Back in the Common Room, I sit in an armchair by the window, scribbling my homework down on parchment and looking at the delicately falling snow. Often my mind wanders to Draco Malfoy, trying to place my finger on what had happened. It seemed wrong, him being so nice to me, but it didn't FEEL wrong...and had he felt the connection between us when I'd fixed his arm?
I decided I couldn't focus and bid my friends good night, climbing the stairs slowly to our dormitory. Once there, I flopped into bed and dreamt about Malfoy's gray eyes....

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