Love Is Just Another Word (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

This is my attempt at writing a story. I really wanted to write about Damon Salvatore. I hope you enjoy. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes I make those a lot. Rate/Comment/Favorite!!!!!!

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own the characters that originally came from the actual television show. This my story I created just for fun


Chapter 1

A New Beginning

Today I woke up to my new life. Another start.

I through on a pair of black sweats, laced up my converse, put contacts over my brown eyes, and put my wavy brown hair in a messy ponytail

I wasn't what you would call excited.

Ever since I was fifteen I have been a cutter, living in a world where everything hurts. My body proves it. Wrists, arms, legs, you name it. It's most likely scarred. I have not been able to trust anyone ever since my boyfriend at the time abused me.

It wasn't always like that. The beginning was nice. Loving, caring, adoring. Those things he did for me just disappeared. He would hit, I would cry. But I always went back to him. All he had to say were those magical words.

"Oh Nicole, I'm sorry. You know I didn't mean it. I love you."

Love. A word people just throw around these days. But I suppose that's what you get when you date someone four years older than you. Gawd, I was such an idiot.

And when I had finally had enough, I stood up for myself. Took a risk. I hadn't seen my body without bruises in almost a year. This had to stop. Well that was a mistake. Who knew he would get drunk and kill my parents?

Silly me. Thinking that he would just leave without revenge. Oh well. What are you going to do?

But Rob was arrested, now in prison. When I heard the news I wasn't exactly celebrating. I was too caught up in the death of my parents.

Things happen for a reason, right?

That was the start. I went to a deep depression afterward. Lost my friends. I mean, people are only going to give you sympathy for so long.

Ever since then I have lived with my grandma, who with of course my luck, has passed away. Now I am being shipped off to my older cousin, Andrea, who is twenty-four. I would only see her twice a year, Christmas and Easter, because she lives out of town. This is such a waste. I am turning eighteen in eight months. I should be able to live on my own. Why should I leave my home in Los Angeles for nothing?

Mystic Falls. That's where Andrea lives. Sounds charming.

So here I am, on the plane. We just landed, now waiting to get off.


Out of nowhere a black crow just flew straight into the window and nearly gave me a heart attack. After regaining itself, it perched right there on the window.It was rather large, with its majestic black feathers bouncing off gorgeous colors of the rainbow and its beak in my direction. It just stared at me, as if it was looking into my soul or something creepy like that. I stared back for about ten minutes until the voice of the flight attendant broke my concentration.

"Miss, it's time to get off the plane."

I looked at her, then back to the window. The crow was gone.

What a welcome.

Mystic Falls, you better watch yourself.

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