Liam the Llama

This is my idea for a television series!!! Well . . . not really, enjoy!

Liam the Llama theme-song:
Do doo do do, Liam the Llama, Doo de di de doo doo Liam the Llama, shoop da we doop, Liam the Llama he's a llama but he's also a cop, do de doo, A-skip de wap, he has a gun and he kills peeps with it, doo da de, Liam the llama is a really really really awesome cop (echoes) cop cop cop, Liam the llama is a shoop-de scoop-de woop-de wap (echoes) wap wap wap wap wap BAM!

Chapter 1


by: _Ripple_
Liam and Paul enter elevator

Liam: Hi Paul

Paul: Oh hey Liam

Liam: So Paul, what's up?

Paul: Actually, I'm kinda down . . . my wife left me this morning and my kids-

Liam: Paul

Paul: What?

Liam: Put some pants on Paul

Paul: Aw, c'mon Liam, you know that's not me.

Liam: You have to wear pants Paul, it's the law.

Paul: I know man, but-

Liam: I am a cop Paul, and if you don't put some pants on right now, I will arrest you.

Paul: I know but-

Liam: You'll be fully arrested

Paul: But-

Liam: You'll go to jail, your wife will divorce you-

Paul: My wife already divorced me

Liam: . . . Shut up Paul

Paul: Um . . . .

Liam bites Paul in half and blood gushes all over the elevator.
Elevator door opens and Paul leaves, theme song plays (see lyrics in intro).

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