Love in Pranking Form (George Weasley)

Love in Pranking Form (George Weasley)

Look also for the Fred and Lee versions. :)

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Chapter 1

Helping Fred

"What am i going to do George?" Fred asked him one morning.
"Get this extendable ear to extend longer without making it hard to hear," George said stretching the ear.
"That not what i'm talking about," he said, "I was thinking more along the lines of Angelina"
George had already heard this three times this morning, "Fred just ask her out."
"And if she doesn't like me?"
"Then she's not worth your whining," George said.
"But George shes amazing. She's Quidditch captain and one of the prettiest girls in school." Fred said.
"Except for Arriana," George mumbled.
"What did you say?"
"Nothing, just that maybe Arriana could help. After all her and Angelina are friends."
Freds face lit up, "Thats a good idea. I'll go find her and ask."
"No i'll do it," George said, "You stay."
He put hisextendable ear up and went to find Arriana.


I was eating breakfast with Ginny as we waited for classes to start when George came and sat beside me. I dont think he was having a good morning.
"Fred is going crazy" he told me.
"Why? Is something wrong?" i asked.
"Yeah, he likes this girl," George said.
"HaHa is that all?" Ginny said.
"Who is she?" i asked.
"Angelina," he said.
Of course everybody already knew Fred liked Angelina, but keeping to Gryffindor Girl code the guys dn't know that. Just like we all know Ron like Hermione.
"Is he going to ask her on a date? The next hogsmead trip is coming soon." i said.
"He's scared she doesn't like him so he won't ask her," George said.
"Tell him to be brave like a Gryffindor," i laughed.
Ginny leaned across the table smiling, "George needs to be brave too. He has a secret crush but is scared to ask her out just like Fred."
"You like someone?" i asked curiously, "Who?"
"Its nothing," George said, "Ginny don't say a word"
"Dont worry George your secrets safe with me." she smiled.
I gave Ginny and George a sideways glance, "Will someone please fill me in?"
"No" they both said.
"Fine, see you in class George," i said giving him a hug and sticking a piece of paper to his back saying "Arrianas Biggest Fan" I then went to Transfiguration.

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