Left Behind...

When the aliens newly discovered from Venus, one of Earth's fellow planets, most of the adults and parents are out fighting, leaving the children under 16 at a safe-house, which was once their school. Only few adults are left behind, called Caretroops, who care for the small children, tweens, and teens. But when the army calls for reinforcements, the Caretroops leaving the kids alone to care for themselves.

Chapter 1

History of This Story (You Can Skip it if You Want)

Hello, I am Rhiannon, who will be telling you this story. But before I actually start, I am going to tell you a little bit about what is happening in North America right now, and actually around the whole world.

One fine day, just a normal day, beautiful creatures came down to Earth, asking for peace with the humans. On one term...we give up thousands of humans each year for their testing. Of course the US strongly declined this invitation to peace, so they aliens attacked us.

Unfortunately, these aliens, rumored to come from Venus, are extremely powerful and have very advanced weapons and technology. So after we found out that our own government couldn't stop them, regular citizens of America had to join the forces. First men, and then women too.

So some adults of rich or royal blood were able to stay out of it, and instead, take care of everyone under 16. These adults were nicknamed "Caretroops."

Well obviously, the caretroops couldn't be running all around each state, so all of the kids were herded together, and put into "safe houses," which tended to be schools, town halls, etc. Each district in each state had their own safe houses. Maybe 5 per district, depending on the size.

But up until recently, even all of those Americans fighting wasn't enough. Even the caretroops have been called to duty, leaving the kids alone. They said they would be back in a day or so, but they haven't come back. Now us kids must unite, keeping order and humanity. Which leaves me to tell my story of hope, defiance, arrogance, power, love, and trust...

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