The Love Story of Peyton Arabella Kingman (Joe Kingman From the Game Plan's Daughter) (A Taylor Lautner Love Story)

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Ps this is how she now looks

Chapter 1


by: RoxxyBabe
Peyton Kingman
Height: 4ft 11"
Weight: 60 lb.s
Hair: white blonde literally like blonde long going to her lower back with electric blue tips and streaks
Eyes: electric blue with white flecks
Nails: always long with a French mani/pedi with electric blue polish
Tattoo: a blue star and moon under left ear, blue Flying stars on right shoulder, blue giant star covering left eye (wears hair over)
Birthday: December 13
Likes: night
School: Piston Elite High
Fav. Color: electric blue
Best friend: None
Style: Girly skater punk combo with scene
And a few of her favorite sports: Football, Dance
Fav. Movie: Unexpectant Father: The Joe and Peyton Kingman Story
Nickname: P or Toni or Ara
Fav. Sports Team: the Boston Rebels
Fav. Animal: Joe's dog Spike
Parent's and condition/ background information: Mom: Lindy Kelly: deceased
Dad: Joe Kingman: Boston Rebels Quaterback
Sibling: none
Hometown: Boston
Lives: Travels
Goes to: boarding school


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