Dreams in Green and Silver Part II

Dreams in Green and Silver Part II

I'm breaking this story up into five chapter segments as I did for The Real Story of Cedric Diggory. If you haven't read Cedric's story, go do so now! It's great, and nearing the end, so you could jump in now, and probably have the whole story in a row for yourself, instead of waiting for ages! My poor readers have been so patient with me...I just hope they are still here, and realize I've posted again!! Sorry, really, for taking so long. So, without further ado, I give you Chapter Six!

Chapter 1


I heard Draco before I saw him. He was shouting, something about my sister, and I heard somebody falling repetitively. When Draco finally made it into the room, I was staring at the door, astonished at what he was claiming. I was still confused as to why I was in Hospital, puzzled why Madame Pomfrey kept telling me I had been asleep all this time. I knew I had not been asleep. I had fallen from an enormous stone column, floated across a river on the slick stones that had nearly tumbled me to my death, climbed up the wall of a massive stone cavern, gotten captured, had my wand snapped, been chained to a desk, had explained our galaxy and our planet to barbarian otherworld wizards, met up with Justin Turner, begun to make plans to return to Earth, and then appeared here in Hogwarts. There was no way that was all a dream. I had the cuts and bruises to prove it, along with being wandless.
Draco stopped in the doorway to the Wing, and stared at me. I stared back--I could tell he'd been crying. Crying. Draco Malfoy had been crying. And I had a pretty good feeling that he had been crying over me. ME. It was almost enough to be willing to believe it had all been a dream.
"Iris," he managed in a strangled voice. My mouth opened, but I couldn't manage anything. He truly looked sad, exhausted, even. Instead of his name, or a greeting, or anything respectable, out came the words:
"Have you slept at all?" Draco's cheeks turned faintly pink, and he ducked his head. I gaped even more....then I saw who was behind him. The one who had been falling repetitively outside the Wing.
She was bound hand and foot, and was levitated about a milimetre off the floor. She had bruises on her face, and her hands were scraped and swollen, both from falling on the floor and from being tied in rough ropes that belonged on a ship. She glared at me, though I could see it was an effort. She, too, looked tired and sad. Her face glistened suspiciously, as though she had been crying as well.
I nodded at her cooly and turned my gaze back to Draco, whose cheeks were still that delicate shade of pink. I blushed myself to think of describing Draco as 'delicate.' My mother would kill me.
"How have you been?" Draco managed.
"I've been better," I said dryly, absently brushing at a scratch on my right cheek. Draco noticed the movement, and turned to Pansy.
"She did this to you. She's the one who transported you to that other world. She did it. And she's going to be punished for it." Draco finished menacingly. Pansy shrunk away from him as much as she could.
"But--what about Justin?" I said, leaning forward. I truly felt fine, a little scraped up, but fine; Madame Pomfrey insisted I had to stay put in my bed.
"Justin?" Draco asked, puzzled.
"Yes, Turner. The Ravenclaw." I added impatiently. I wanted to know what would happen to him.
Draco stared at me, then turned to glare at Pansy.
"Yes, what about Justin?" he said in his best deadly voice. I shuddered to hear it, and was glad that hadn't been directed at me. Pansy looked at the floor.
"Um....nowhere. I mean, he's...he's nowhere."
"What?" I asked, confused again.
"I didn't....I sent him after you. I wanted you two to just go away. I didn't care if you fell in love, killed each other, I didn't give a d--" Pansy cut off quickly at Madame Pomfrey's glare.
"But I sent him after you."
"What does that mean, exactly?" Draco asked, waving his wand impatiently. Pansy swallowed, following the movement anxiously. When she continued, it was in a hoarse whisper.
"I told him that Iris had been put under--a-a spell, and he--he, um, he went after her. He....I don't know how he did it! He just did! It's one of those smarty-pants Ravenclaw things you know? I don't know. I just knew he would do it if he could. And he did. And I got rid of two pains. Together." Pansy finished smugly, but quailed under Draco's glare.
I was out of my bed and headed for the door before anyone could realize. I didn't care that I had no idea how to get to Justin, nor did I care, for once, that I was dressed in a nightgown. It happened to be a very fine nightgown...perhaps if I tied it around my middle with a sparkling silver sash, it would look like a proper dress.
"Miss Parkinson! Back in bed this instant!"
I completely ignored Madame Pomfrey's call, and ran for it. Draco ran after me, but I managed to get outside the Wing before him. I slammed the door in his face to give me a bit more time, and ran down the hall. I had made it halfway to the Great Hall, when I tripped over something.
I looked down and screamed.

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