emo love story 4

emo love story 4

hey guys well i'm gonna change this story up a bit and tell me or leave me a comment on how you liked it k thanks!!

Chapter 1

dreams aren't all make belive

you see yourself walking down a hallway with peopleallaround you need some air you look over and see your friend throught the hazy mist that surronds you...pull on her shoulder she turnsyou try to speak but no sound comes out huh...guess i'll just go...you slowly take a step out the door and start to feel the alcohal kick in you need to get a little farther away you slowly walk and then feel a chile crawl up your spin...somethings no right\...you stop and look around your in a little forst clearing....no moon,no stars, just clouds and the faint glow from the house...and you feel another shiver crawl and slither it's way down your back...you turn around and see someone coming you try to talk but you feel your lips move but no sound comes out...you start to walk way and then you bump into a wall but...it's not a wall it's a guy....you don't see anything but his brown hair and dark eyes...you see him slowly lift up a hand and lean twards you and soon his face comes into veiw you know who it is you try to yell scream but you can't you can't nothing comes out....you look up at him again but this tme you freeze and relize he has no mouth just flesh....then everything turns whiteand you see a glass break and you look through the broken glass and see yourself lying on the ground in the clearing no exspresion on your face but you guess it's kind of hard to tell if you have no lips to smile or frown with....you jump up and look around no tree's or clouds just your bedroom....you slowly turn your head and see it's 1:47amyou realise it was just a dream it felt soo real you shudder as you remember you face with no lips....to make sure they're there you lick your lips and feel the same bitten lips of yoursyou slowly decide to go to the washroom and just double check you turn on the lights and see your lips and there surly yours because your lips are bitten soo badly they are full of scabs you turn off the light and slowly head for the window and recal the dream as you stare at the moonit was just a dream just a terrible dream...well most of it...you look over at your bed and feel the pull of it's fluffy pillows draw you closer until your totally submerged in the covers into a hope fully dreamless sleep.....Welcome to Terry High it's the begging of grade 10 this is where you spend your life learning things you really won't remember or care about after you done with it... the only thing you remember is how you took to the prom or how was the ugliest guy you dated....but you know you will remeber more something that you really try to shut out of your mind but it finds it's self back in your mind all the time! you slowly start to walk to where the school bus is supposed to pick you up....you see the bus running up to your stop you slowly get on and see your the first pick up perfect where to sit is the first question...your not much of the full attention back seat and middle you might end up sitting with a stranger...and front seat you really don't want to feel or look like a kindergardener but if any of your friends come on the bus you want to be able to make eye contact with them and see if there still mad at you... and there's a good chance there is...you slowly roll up to the first bunch of people you try to keep your head down but you can't help looking up and you knew you shouldn't have because all you see are glares and mean looks after twenty miutes of mean glares you slowly see the school comming into veiw but at that same moment you feel the wrapping of some kids launch hit the back of your head and fall into your lap and hear laughter break out onto the bus not a minute sooner the bus stops and people start to pile off the bus and head for the gym...you trail behind them and know that this year is gonna be as hard as h3ll for you....then you break into the gym and feel a huge blast of chatter and cool air from the gym blast you....TBC

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