Embry Your a Wolf?

its an embry love story..
want me to keep writing leave comments below

Chapter 1

A New Beginning

name: Lucy Salinas
Parents: Henry Black and Nora Salinas (divorced)
mother passed away
Lived in Sand Diego Cali., moved to La Push
Cousins with Jacob
Mexican from mother and quileute from father
she is 17 a junior
she is 5 feet 4 inches, jet black hair with layers(longest layer is at her waist), petite slim but can be athletic, musician, indie rock style(a mixture of zooey deschanel with aria of preety little liars), and doll like chocolate brown eyes. listens to a lot of acoustic, inde alternative.
takes place between new moon and doesnt know about wolves yet.

thats about it for the description so if you want me to keep writing leave comments.

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