Love Lost In A Forbidden Valley (A Draco Malfoy Story) part 9

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Chapter 1

side of Scorpius I never want to see

by: kinewnew
She was sitting down in my Weasley in the sitting room, feeding four month old Scorpius. Bill burst through the door, looking hectic and Fleur followed him in with a sorrow expression. “Hi guys,” Adriana said. Fleur took a seat by her, with silent tears flowing down her face. “Are you okay?” she asked her. It was Bill who spoke, “Adriana, your father’s dead,” he told her, looking her directly in the eye. She almost lost hold of the child in her arms, “Bill, what are you talking about, I just got an owl from him a day ago,” she said, her eyes were starting to water. “He was murdered earlier today,” Bill gave her a sympathetic look. “How do you know?” she could control the tears from falling now, and they came hard. “I witnessed it, he was killed by a death eater.” He told her. “Which one?” she whispered. “Err..” “Which one!” she raised her voice louder. His next words made her heart falter a few beats. “Lucius Malfoy,” he was no longer looking at her. “He killed him in the middle of Diagon Alley; I don’t think anyone would have noticed really. They were talking like they were best mates, but I knew something was wrong, when Malfoy actually developed a look of sorrow. Then he whipped his wand out, and there was a flash of green light, and Lucius Malfoy was nowhere to be seen. But your father was lying flat on the ground…. Lifeless” Bill Jabbered. She couldn’t speak; her body wasn’t strong enough to allow her to do that. She started to cry harder as Fleur wrapped her arms around her.

“Adriana Smith, a Gryffindor, where brave dwells at heart. I’ve heard a lot about you from Lucius, I’m assuming you know Lucius.” Voldemort gestured towards the table. I followed his movement, and was soon looking the man who killed my father in the eyes. Anger surged through my body, and I’m sure Scorpius noticed my furious shaking.

He started to walk towards us and Scorpius stiffened in my arms. We were now only mere inches away, and he brought a long skinny finger towards Scorpius’s

“And this must be the special boy,” his finger trailed down Scorpius face.

“Let the boy stand,”

I was reluctant to do so, but I knew it was best that I did as I was told….. For now.

He gave Scorpius a look over, “this is a Malfoy?”

There was a pause; he must have wanted me to answer him.

“Foolish girl I’ve asked you a question,” his voice came out in a raspy angered tone.

I did nothing to acknowledge him. Which seemed to anger him more.

He raised his wand and I was suddenly forced down to my knees.

“Gryffindor does seem to fit you well; I’m assuming you were friends with the boy who lived?”

Another question, another silence.

“The foolish boy, who thinks he has a chance of defeating me, Lord Voldemort,” the room erupted with forced laughter.

“Harry, will defeat you without any difficulty. You see Harry is more powerful then you can ever dream of being,” I spat.

He let out a small cackle, “Silly girl, he spent five years doing nothing, and what is he doing now? Hiding.”

I flinched back at his tone.

“Stubborn, brave, and witty. You would make a lovely death eater,”

“I will never join you,”

His face turned down a bit at the sides, “Too bad,” then he turned towards Scorpius.

“Now, this is supposed to be a very powerful boy. Now how do we access his power, well if I’m wrong, you have to anger the boy. Yaxley!”

“Yes master,” a man’s voice rang.

I turned towards the table and a man was standing.

The man from the ministry.

The same man that had a hold of me in the department of mysteries.

Voldemort’s voice took me out of my trance. “You know what to do,”

Yaxley gave him a curt nod and started to advance on me.

“Ah, remember me?” he asked when he was standing about two feet away.

I glared at him.

“Tut tut, you should really learn how to respond to questions. CRUCIO!” he called out.

That same familiar sensation filled my body.

Thousands knives, stabbing me over and over.

Flames erupting through my body.

Screams, cries, and laughter filled the room.

Then just as quick as the pain had came, it was gone.

There was a flash of white light and a heavy thud.

I slowly looked up and saw that Yaxley was numerous feet away.

And Scorpius was panting heavily, glaring at Yaxley.

If looks could kill.

“You stupid child, how dare you, CRUCIO!” and Yaxley shouted the same spell, though it was directed towards Scorpius.

Though nothing happen, but then I heard a pained gasp.

I looked quickly towards Scorpius, though he seemed to be perfectly fine.

It was Yaxley who screamed in pain.

It seemed that the spell reflected off of Scorpius and back to the caster.

Then there was a single applause, followed by more. And soon the whole room was erupting in awed applause.

“What a talented boy,” Voldemort’s voice rang out.

“It seems I got what I wanted today, you may leave. The boy stays.”

Anger flared through me again, as Travers took my hand.

“The boy goes with me!”

Lucius stood up, and had the nerve to contradict me, “How dare you speak to our Dark Lord like—”

Voldemort waved him down, “Lucius, it is okay. Let the child go with the girl,”
I took Scorpius hand and followed Travers out.

Though Voldemort stopped us again, “Travers, tell Draco we are expecting him now,”

Finally we were able to get out of that horrid place.

My muscles felt tense as we walked up the stairs into Draco’s room.

Draco’s POV

My door opened and Adriana and Scorpius walked in accompanied by Travers.

“The dark lord wants you young Malfoy,” he told me.

I nodded and followed after him, careful not to make eye contact with her.

As we entered the dungeon, I could feel the tension of what must have previously happened.

“Great Draco, have a seat,” his snakelike voice said.

I didn’t hesitate to do what he said.

“Now as I was saying, the child is the very weapon that I have been waiting for—,”

They wanted to use Scorpius? …. As a weapon!

“He must stay a secret; I can’t not let those phoenixes get a hold of the child or the girl. He must stay calm at all times, and the only way for that to happen is for the girl to be happy. This is why you, Draco, are an important to this mission.”

My heart started to pound heavily.
“You must keep the girl levelheaded, if she takes one step out of line, I will not hesitate to kill her. You must get the girl to fall in love with you again. As Dumbledore has said many times, love is the key to happiness,” he let out an evil cackle.

It was my turn to talk now.

“My lord, Adriana, she way too strong willed, I don’t know if she can fall in love with me,”

The smile fell from his face. “Make her, I want this done immediately!” his voice was strong and deadly.

“Yes my lord,” I said, looking down.

“Perfect, now I will be leaving, Bellatrix?” he called.

She was very eager, “Yes my lord?”

“I need you to accompany.” He told her.

Her response was quick, “Of course, my lord.”

They disapparated, and I was quick to leave that room.

After Adriana left five years ago, my obsession with wanting to be a death eater left along with her.

As approached my door, I heard muffled whimpers and sniffling.

I opened the door and Scorpius was laying on my bed sound asleep.

Adriana was by his side.

Tears slowly falling down her face.

She looked up when I walked in.

“Great the last person I wanted to see,” she said.


I sighed and sat down next to her, to my surprise she didn’t move away, or
glare at me.

“What’s wrong?” I hesitantly asked.

“like you care!” she spat.

“I do, now tell me,” I told her.

“I don’t want to be here. I don’t want Scorpius to go through this. I don’t care how much Voldemort tortures me, but I don’t want him to do it to get to Scorpius. I don’t like that side of him.” she spilled, her tears starting to fall harder.

Her sentences sounded foreign.

“Adriana what are you talking about?”

“They didn’t tell you, Voldemort got one of his followers to torture me, just so he could make Scorpius mad enough to attack the person that was hurting me. Draco, it scares me that my son can act that way. That he can physically harm another, without any hesitation. His expression was deadly, and I’m thankful that nothing worse happened. I don’t want Voldemort to turn my child into him,” she told me.

I took her in arms.

The first time in five years.

It felt nice, her body against mine. Her head nuzzled in my chest. I took a deep
breath in, and that amazing sent of her hair filled my nostrils.

I missed this.

“Adriana, I know, I don’t want Scorpius to go through any of this either.” I told her truthfully.

She raised her head and her eyes met mine.

“Why is my life hell?” she asked before closing her eyes.

Her breathing went from shallow and deep. To slow and smooth.

Her light snores came out.

I lowered my head, and rested my lips on her forehead.


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